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Jessica !
 Posted: Mar 16 2015, 08:03 AM

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Jessica !
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Pretty much everything on this list is a 'no argue' point. All of these things have been decided on either when the board was made years ago or have been decided when a series is added to the list; decisions on these facts will not be changed nor will they be up for discussion. Questions if there is confusion are welcomed The staff reserves final say on what can and cannot be allowed on the board (including, but not limited to, items, powers, NPCs, etc).

I need to change my username/I want to change characters - can I keep my account?
    Yes, you can. Just go into your control panel and change your username.
How does the this new world work?
    It's a new world like any other world, essentially. The one big difference is that it's practically made up of select places from already established worlds. If this doesn't make sense, just think that you can leave the Seireitei walk down the highway and go to Mt. Moon to catch some Clefairy.
So, what's the deal with their original worlds?
    Well, the location that is now in the new world has been practically lifted right out of their original world. When you try going to the location in their original world, there's really now just a big hole and a black shadowy mass flowing through it, which you can no longer enter.
How do people get back to their original world?
    As of right now, no one can.
Who lives in the new world?
    All the characters who got so unceremoniously dropped into it. And all the residents of each location as well. There are also people who were created alongside the world who know nothing more and think that's how everything has always been.
You're missing so-and-so world!
    Oh, I know. But, we don't want the board to get too clutter with so many boards, especially ones that take place in an average, every day world. So we tried to find a good balance between the most interesting ones. But if you have a really good idea for a board, feel free to suggest it.
You're missing so-and-so character!
    Again, I know. I'm trying to stick with series I'm more familiar with so accepting applications won't be such a challenge. And I am familiar with a lot of series. I even included some series I'm not familiar with because they are popular and there's enough information that I can gather for apps. If a character's series is on the list, but they aren't, ask about them. If they were left off, there are two reasons for it. One, the series itself has loads and loads of characters and we're trying not to add every single person. Or two, they were left off for a reason. Also, if they were dead before the series, chances are they are not allowed. Simply put, if you want to play a dead character, they need to have died during the series, not before.
These two characters should be played together/Can I play more than one character from a series/You're allowing this but you're not allowing that/etc?
    No. All series and characters are different, and we look at each by a case-by-case basis. As stated in the rules, you cannot play more than one character per series (which we count as how they are listed on the character lists), and, unless the staff decides if two characters truly cannot be roleplayed separately (which rarely ever happens), they will have to roleplayed separately. The only way to see if they can be roleplayed together is if we list them together. Please do not compare series/character in an attempt to make us change decisions on one thing or another.
Can I NPC a character from the series?
    No. All the characters, as you can see on the lists, are playable. If say, they are a nameless shopkeeper (someone who appears in the series but only to run that particular item shop or something like that) then it will be fine. But named characters with an actual role in series are playable here. Characters do not even come to this world until they have a person to roleplay them, and so it would be impossible to NPC them. Besides, it wouldn't be fair to anyone who does want to roleplay them.
Can I roleplay a character whose series is not on the list?
Then can you add my series right away?
    No. It'll be added when we get there.
I happen to know a series I think will work really well on the board!
    For characters. For locations. Those are the only places you can suggest either to us. Sometimes, they're locked. If they are, that means we aren't taking suggestions for them. If you have a suggestion, post it in either thread. It's really as simple as that. Please do not "suggest" them in the cbox or by PMing an admin; requests done this way are ignored.
How exactly would their [insert powers, abilities, etc here] work in this world?
    If you want to know about how your character's abilities, powers, etc will work in this world, and how we can adjust them to fit into the world, you'll now be required to post in the Help Desk, or PM one of the admins. It'll no longer be discussed by either of us in the c-box as it normally takes up too much space and stops the conversations that other members were having. The cbox is for chatting so let's keep it to that since we do have a board specifically for this. Also, please don't ask us about how characters who you aren't planning to apply for and/or have nothing to do with your characters will have to adapt to this world just because you're curious. These things will be discussed with the person who desires to apply for that character.
Can my character receive items/powers/etc from other worlds?
    Yes and no. If it's a generic item of some sort, then by all means. But, if it's something such as any item from a world that is either considered rare (such as a materia summon) or is designated to either a specific character or group (such as a zanpakto), then no, you'll not be allowed to have one. In case of powers, such as summoning or magic, if a character can't actually learn magic in their world (such as the dwarves of Dragon Age), they should not be learning other forms of magic. Nor, should they be learning abilities from other worlds that cannot be taught to basically anyone. If there's an generic item that can teach a being magic or attach magic to their equipment (runes from Suikoden for the first while runes from Dragon Age for the second), then people who are not typically magic users, etc can learn that way. Otherwise, it's not possible for them to learn other worlds' abilities and cannot do so here. Be sure to ask if you're confused about this.
What about language? They don't all speak the same language.
    Well, guess what? That's something else the world has affected. Everyone is able to understand each other. It doesn't seem unusual to them. It's more of a subconscious thing. This helps keep characters from confusing each other, especially because, while language barriers can be funny, they can get annoying. So don't worry too hard about it.
Can my character bring their [airship/mech/dog/fill in the blanks here] to this world?
    This is a maybe. It depends on the nature of the item. Actually living creatures that function as a character can be applied for, so that's a no. It depends on their ability to function as a character. For example, Digimon are not NPC'ed and can be roleplayed because each is its own individual character separate from its Digidestined. Pokemon, on the other hand, are not set in stone, and, depending on their character, can be freely chosen by the roleplayer in question, so it wouldn't make sense to allow these as roleplay characters. In relation to large machines and other such things, there are a few guidelines to follow if you want them to come here. One, they must belong to your character, or, say they are a military owned mecha, they must be piloted directly by your character (and, not piloted a few times because they borrowed it or whatever). So, for example, Cloud Strife cannot bring the Shera here, but Cid Highwind can as he owns it. Also, it must not be destroyed or removed from the characters possession at the end of the series. Such as, the Gundams from Gundam Wing cannot be brought as they were pretty much nuked by the end of Endless Waltz.
Are original characters allowed?
    I've been getting this question a lot lately so I thought I throw it in there. The simple answer is no, they aren't. This used to have a long explanation about it, but people simply ignored it. So I'm cutting it down to just this. The board was always planned to be canon-only so that's the way it's probably going to stay. Hope everyone understands that.
Is western cartoons allowed?
    As of right now, it isn't. We have no plans of adding it at this moment, nor will we take suggestions for those series or discuss whether it's appropriate for the board or not.
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