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 Rules, please read first!
Jessica !
 Posted: Mar 13 2015, 01:49 PM

Chaotic Evil

Jessica !
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read 'em all before joining!

Be respectful. There's no reason to be rude to anyone ever so try and use manners when talking to others. Disrespectful or rude behavior towards anyone can result in consequences, including being banned. If you have any problems with anyone, don't be afraid to tell the staff.

Register with your character's full name. It has to be your character's name and NOT your username as we are account-per-character. For example, Cloud Strife or Ciel Phantomhive. If a character doesn't have a last name, don't sweat. A single first name will do too. For example, Lavi. If they are also commonly referred to by title, it's acceptable to include that. For example, Princess Zelda. This helps identify which character you're playing, especially if there's more than one character by that name. Accounts that disregard this and register as an username will be deleted.

Check out the Animanga List and the Video Game List to see series currently accepted and their available characters. Only series on those lists are currently accepted here. Applications for characters who do not have their series on either list will be declined without being read and accounts will be removed.

Fill out your application. Pretty straight forward, no? No app, no claim to that character. The staff reserves the right to reject an application if they don't believe it is up to par. They also reserve the right to request changes to equipment or powers if they do not fit within our setting or what would be appropriate for a forum. The application should be written out in your own words and not merely copied and pasted from a wiki or other site. If it is, it will be rejected immediately. If similarities are found, they will be required to be changed, or the application will be rejected.

Keep it canon. Characters need to act like their canon selves. That's not saying that you may not play them differently than someone else, or that they cannot undergo character development as you roleplay. It means they shouldn't be a completely different character than what their creator wrote them as.

Write their history as far as you can. This means to try to get it as up-to-date as you possibly can. While it doesn't have to be completely all the way for uncompleted series, it does mean you have to write their history to the current point of the series from when you are applying (to the end if it's finished), unless the list state otherwise. If there's multiple versions of your character's series (ie: an anime and a manga, or an anime and a video game) and they differ from each other, take their history and character from the original one, so whichever of them came first, unless otherwise discussed.

Only one canon per series. This allows more opportunities for people to play characters from each series. To be more specific, by series, we mean how they are split on the character list (even if they are, technically, part of the same series). For example, you can play Cloud Strife, Link and Allen Walker, but you cannot play Cloud Strife, Zack Fair and Sephiroth.

If you don't show up for a long time, your character may appear available again. We accept notices of absence, but if you're gone far past even that, we'll still be required to remove your character from play. Also, only maintain as many characters as you are able to keep active. Don't apply for a new character if you aren't keeping the ones you currently have active. They should be established before you focus on making another.

No word count. Roleplaying is meant to be fun, isn't it? Why stress people out with them having expectations in the amount of words they type.

No powerplaying, god-modding, etc. As well as anything else that takes control of a character away from their player, even if a canon power may allow such control. This includes killing characters without permission. Another important thing to remember regarding this is how battles would work. While you may control your own attacks, moves, etc, the amount of damage or whether they hit is completely up to the other person (though they cannot abuse this control by always making hits miss). This also includes trying to control untaken characters; until they are taken, they are not in this world and you cannot control them. Also, do not make non-canon relationships between your own character and another one (including things such as video games with romance options); all not previously established relations should be agreed upon by both players and should not have taken place before they came to this world. Lastly, do not do massive damage to any location, unless permission is explicitly given.

Swearing and violence are allowed. Go right ahead with both. While some sexual content will be permitted, anything too 'mature' must either fade to black or be taken to private messaging.

No advertising anywhere besides the advert board. This includes linking in the c-box.

No spamming the c-box. Or anywhere else on the board. This includes posting links to inappropriate sites or advertising other forums. If you need assistance with your application or have questions, please PM an admin or post it in the questions forum. Do not spam the cbox with them as it's for chatting.

Avatars are maximum 275x400. You can go smaller if you wish, but no larger.

No images that stretch the board. Including signatures. Otherwise, they will be removed.

No fanart, unless you have personally drawn it. Or expressly asked the original artist's permission. Stick with official artwork if you have no other means of art to use. Any usage of fanart will be asked for proof of whether you yourself drew it or if you have permission to use it. All premade graphics should be credited, as well. If it wasn't something you personally made, you should link back to the creator, either in your signature or in the 'interests' section of your profile. Any use of these will be removed - possibly without warning - if you do not follow this rule.

If you have any questions regarding any of the rules on here, do not be afraid to ask the staff! Make sure to go to this FAQ and read all of it before asking questions. If your question is answered there, you'll simply be redirected to it.

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