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 Atem, Yu-Gi-Oh!
 Posted: May 2 2018, 06:31 PM

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HAIR: Black, red and blonde
EYES: Purple
HEIGHT: 5' 00"
SPECIAL TRAITS: Has two appearances - his true form as an Egyptian Pharaoh and that of a modern-day Duelist. The latter is based on his vessel, Yugi Mutou.


STRENGTHS: Atem is intelligent and quick to learn about new things when they are presented to him. It doesn't matter if it's brand new games or old, technology that far surpasses anything he experienced back in his time, or simply aspects of day-to-day life in this era. He's caring towards his friends and has a strong moral compass. If there's something he can do resolve a situation, then he'll try to, determined to succeed.
WEAKNESSES: Atem freezes whenever his friends' lives are dragged into the center of a battle. Even when he knows that someone is just toying with his emotions and that pressing the attack would be for the greater good, he hesitates to cause harm to his friends. He has a great deal of pride; sometimes his inability to let certain things be hinder him more than help.
PERSONALITY OVERVIEW: Smart, strong-willed and prideful, Atem was often assumed to be the more confident and battle-ready personality of Yugi. In truth, the spirit believes that his partner will be the stronger of the two one day. During his time with Yugi and friends, he has learned much; his darker habits have been tempered as he learned about things such as friendship and kindness. While still a little on the reserved side, he's now more friendly and cares quite a bit about the people in his life.

When faced with a challenge, Atem is willing to confront it and is merciless in a fight. If it's something that he hasn't learned about yet, he's quick to resolve that issue and formulate strategies that one would assume only experts could come up with. He thinks his moves through carefully, always planning several steps ahead. If his opponent brings something to the table that completely turns those plans upside-down, then he usually recovers quickly enough to come up with an alternative.

Having innocents in his line of fire is something that can easily stop Atem - he can barely bring himself to harm those who haven't deserved it. Unlike his early days as the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, he's a little more willing to show mercy to his less malicious enemies after defeating them. Another lesson that Atem has learned is more personal: despite his pride, he's no longer afraid of losing and can accept a defeat with grace.


WEAPONRY: Whenever Duel Monsters are involved in a non-Duel setting (or their ancient Egyptian counterparts, Ka, are required for battle), Atem can use either his DiaDhank or Duel Disk to summon his creatures. He has experience wielding a sword and can use one whenever the time calls for it.
SPECIAL ABILITIES OVERVIEW: Atem's greatest skill lies in his ability to think things through during a conflict, whether it be a Duel or something else. He's capable of seeing his plans several steps in advance and his luck in drawing the right card one step away from defeat almost seems god-like in nature. Before departing for the afterlife, he had developed that ability from sheer luck to a power - he can will the cards he needs to the top of his deck so he can draw and play them without looking at them first.

When Atem had access to the Millennium Puzzle, he was capable of initiating Dark Games. His Mind Crush ability had allowed him to purge evil spirits, wipe darkness from a person's heart or knock them out.


FAMILY: Akhenamkhanen (father), Akhenaden (uncle), Seto (cousin); Yugi Mutou (incarnation/vessel/Partner), Sugoroku Mutou (surrogate grandpa).
CLOSE RELATIONS: Siamun Muran (vizier), Mahado and Mana (childhood friends), Shada, Kirim and Isis (High Priests), Hasan (guardian); Katsuya Jonouchi, Anzu Mazaki, Hiroto Honda, Ryo Bakura, Mokuba Kaiba, Shizuka Kawai, Mai Kujaku, Rebecca Hopkins, Ryugi Otogi, Ishizu Ishtar, Malik Ishtar, Rishid (friends), Pegasus J. Crawford, Shadi, Arthur Hopkins, Rafael (respects), Seto Kaiba (archrival). Many other Duelists encountered during Yugi and Atem's journey (rivals, occasionally friends). Dark Bakura/Zorc (archenemy). Judai Yuki and Yusei Fudo (friends from the future).

In the ancient past, a young Pharoah in possession of the Millennium Pendent was drawn into conflict against Thief King Bakura, who was seeking his revenge over the destruction of his village during the creation of the Millennium Items. Little did the court know then that Bakura's main objective was to summon Zorc Necrophades, an entity of darkness and apparent god of the Underworld. The battles were long and difficult - most of the High Priests perished and so did countless innocents. Finally, the Pharaoh was able to defeat Zorc, sealing his and the creature's souls within the Millennium Items. The Millennium Pendant, where the king's soul had been sent to, was broken up to become the Millennium Puzzle and sealed away in a tomb. The Pharaoh's name was erased from history and so was his soul's memories.

Around three-thousand years later, a gambler named Sugoroku Mutou explored the Pharaoh's tomb and was able to get past the dangerous traps inside. Nearly falling to his death at the end, he was saved by the Pharaoh's spirit and was able to retrieve the Millennium Puzzle. Sugoroku eventually gave the Puzzle to his grandson, Yugi, who spent years trying to solve it. As he completed it, Yugi made a wish on the Puzzle for friends and inadvertently awakened the spirit dwelling within, who took residence in the boy's body. At first, the spirit would take control of Yugi to play Dark Games with those causing problems for his host, inflicting brutal punishments on them when they inevitably lost. Yugi could never remember these times, but he soon got his wish and had the friends he always dreamed of.

After many trials and brushes with death, Yugi and the spirit - whose recent experiences allowed him to learn the value of friendship and caused his own natural friendliness to start showing through - viewed what was supposed to be a video message from Pegasus J. Crawford. Instead, the tape allowed Pegasus to start a Dark Game right in Yugi's home, forcing the spirit into a Duel. Due to Pegasus' Millennium Eye, he was able to see all of the spirit's cards and succeeded in winning, and he invited Yugi to his upcoming Duel Monsters tournament, Duelist Kingdom. In order to ensure that Yugi went, he took Sugoroku's soul and held it hostage.

Yugi received his official invitation to Duelist Kingdom not too long afterwards, and gave one of his Star Chips to Jonouchi so he could take part. The two Duelists - with their friends in tow - spent the next two days challenging (or being challenged by) rival Duelists and collecting enough Star Chips to gain access to the castle for the finals. Before they were able to enter the castle, however, Seto Kaiba challenged Yugi to a Duel. The spirit drove Kaiba to the brink of losing. When Kaiba stood up on the castle wall in a threat to kill himself should his opponent attack him again, the spirit pressed the attack, forcing Yugi to regain control and stop the battle. This caused them to lose the Duel and Kaiba claimed half of Yugi's Star Chips so he could get into the castle. Yugi then admitted to his friends that he had another self living within his heart.

It was only because of Mai Kujaku's extra Star Chips that he was able to compete in the finals. The group arrived just in time to witness Kaiba Dueling Pegasus; the latter won, sealing away Kaiba's soul afterwards.

Yugi's first match was with Mai, who showed to the spirit that he was afraid to lose and that he relied on Yugi's strength of heart. The next match was against Jonouchi. Advancing to the final match, Yugi and the spirit Dueled Pegasus, overcoming his mind-reading abilities by switching their minds whenever Pegasus tried. However, the atmosphere of the Dark Game was too much for Yugi and he collapsed, leaving the spirit to continue the match on his own. The spirit eventually triumphed and Pegasus kept his promise to release the souls he had claimed.

Sometime later when the spirit was feeling down, Yugi made him go on a date with Anzu, hoping that spending the day with their friend would help cheer him up. The plan did work and before the day was done, Anzu and the spirit made their way to the museum in the hopes that the exhibit on Ancient Egypt would lead them to clues about the latter's identity. There, they found a tablet with the image of a Pharaoh who resembled Yugi. They also met Ishizu Ishtar, who confirmed the spirit's suspicions and told him that in order to regain his missing memories, he would need to collect the rest of the Millennium Items. After the trip to the museum, the spirit and Anzu learned that Kaiba was going to host a Duel Monsters tournament in Domino City. As Yugi was invited to take part, the spirit decided to compete in order to find out more about himself, although he didn't tell Yugi about his findings in the museum at first.

At the start of the tournament, Yugi's other self confronted and Dueled the Ghoul who had taken Jonouchi's "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" the night before. Upon defeating him, they learned that he was possessed by Malik Ishtar, who had mind control powers due to his Millennium Rod. When the Yugis offered to give Jonouchi's card back to him, Jonouchi refused to take it, telling them to keep it until he was able to prove himself as a True Duelist and win it back. Later on, the Yugis were confronted by the Ghoul in possession of a God Card, and Malik used his possessed minion to Duel the spirit. Despite all attempts to prevent it from being summoned, Malik soon had "Saint Dragon - The God of Osiris" on his field. After being unable to figure out just how to defeat it, the spirit lost hope, but Kaiba appeared to encourage (in his own way) him to stand again and exploit the God's own abilities. Malik lost the Duel and the Yugis claimed Osiris. Kaiba then challenged them to a Duel, but Malik quickly warned them that he was going to bring harm to Yugi's friends. With Kaiba's help, the Yugis began their search, defeating several other Ghouls along the way.

They located Jonouchi, only to find that he had been brainwashed by Malik. The Yugis were forced to Duel him that way, with Yugi insisting on being able to fight his best friend himself. With the help of "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", Yugi was able to force the Duel into a draw and bring Jonouchi to his senses. With everyone together and (for the time being) safe and sound, the Yugis headed to the Battle City finals, which were to take place on Kaiba's blimp.

After the first set of matches (along with some bumps along the way), the competitors arrived at the final stage of the tournament, and the Yugis faced Kaiba in the semi-final. After defeating him and claiming his "The God of Obelisk" card, they were finally able to confront Malik's evil self for all the trouble he had caused them. Malik was quick to turn the Duel into a Dark Game, with the vessels of both Duelists fading away each time their other selves lost Life Points. Malik later regained control of himself and the spirit of the Pharaoh was able to win the Duel, destroying Malik's dark side in the process. Yugi emerged as the victor of Battle City, obtained Malik's "The Sun of God Dragon" (also known as Ra) and was titled the Duel King. Everyone was flown back to Domino City while Kaiba blew up the island they had fought on.

A little later, during a tournament that Pegasus was hosting, a man named Paradox attacked participants and spectators alike with the Duel Monsters he had stolen. Yugi was distraught after discovering that his grandpa was one of the victims, but a certain Crimson Dragon appeared and brought the boy back a half-hour before the attack. The Yugis met Judai Yuki and Yusei Fudo, two Duelists from different points in the future who were trying to stop Paradox from changing history. When Paradox appeared again, they challenged him to a three-on-one Duel. Despite the trouble Paradox gave them with his Malefic Monsters, Yugi's other self was able to retrieve Yusei's Stardust Dragon from the villain's clutches. The Duelists then defeated Paradox, destroying him. Afterwards, they made a promise to Duel each other someday before Judai and Yusei returned to their own times.

With the three God Cards in hand, the Yugis headed to the museum to see if they could use them to trigger the spirit's memories. Due to some unforeseen power, the tablet became encased in ice, the God Cards started losing their power and Duel Monsters emerged in the real world. At night, a mysterious group called Doma stole the God Cards; as the Yugis and their friends tracked them down, they faced a member of Doma, Gurimo, who used a powerful and dark card called "The Seal of Orichalcos". Despite Gurimo using Obelisk during the Duel, the spirit was able to defeat him and got to witness what happened to the loser whenever "The Seal of Orichalcos" was played - the souls of the defeated were pulled from their bodies to be used as sacrifices in some grand summoning ritual.

As Yugi slept that night, he and the spirit encountered each other within the Millennium Puzzle, and they followed Kuriboh to a portal to the alternate world where Duel Monsters resided. There, they drew out the sword binding the Legendary Dragon, Timaeus, and received the "The Eye of Timaeus" card. With this dragon at their side, they now had a fighting chance against Doma. Upon receiving an invitation from Pegasus requesting that Yugi visit him at Industrial Illusions, Yugi, the spirit and their friends flew to America. Unfortunately, Doma had already claimed Pegasus' soul, but the creator of the Duel Monsters game left behind the card he wanted to give to Yugi - an untitled card with a blank image.

The spirit was later challenged by Rafael, a member of Doma. Instead of using "The Seal of Orichalcos" himself, Rafael lured the spirit into using the card, corrupting him. His heartless actions led to his loss, but since the Orichalcos required only one soul, Yugi forced the spirit to trade places with him, sacrificing himself in the process. This crushed the spirit's heart and he fell into a depression. Only once he was able to purge the darkness from his heart - through the trial set forth by lost spirits - was he able to fight with confidence again and wield Timaeus. He and Anzu reunited with their friends before heading to Doma's headquarters, although Jonouchi ended up losing his soul to Mai. Entering the building, the spirit found Mai's body, as she had lost her soul to Rafael. Rafael gave him Jonouchi's "The Claw of Hermos" card before Dueling him again, and this time the Doma Duelist used "The Seal of Orichalcos" on his own. Having defeated his own darkness, Rafael was spared after the spirit defeated him and gave him the vital data needed in order to locate the place where all the souls were being kept.

Finally, the spirit and Kaiba teamed up to face Dartz, the leader of the organization. Despite Dartz constantly gaining the upper hand and Kaiba's defeat, the spirit defeated him thanks to the help of the three Legendary Dragons, whose true forms were released by Pegasus' nameless card. Dartz was able to summon the Leviathan anyway, but with the combined efforts of the Chosen Duelists, the Legendary Knights, the God Cards and the souls of those taken by Dartz, its physical form was vanquished. The spirit then took the Leviathan's darkness into himself, destroying it with his own light.

Once things have finally settled down, the Yugis and their friends traveled from Domino City to Egypt in order to see the tablet, which was back to normal and had been returned to its proper home. Upon activating it, the spirit was pulled into a world based on his lost memories. Only later did he learn that this world was in fact the setting of the Dark RPG, which he was playing against the dark spirit of Bakura. Taking his role as the Pharaoh, he had to figure things out on the fly, as Thief King Bakura was quick to make his appearance and wage battles against the court with his Ka, Diabound. When Bakura was supposed to have stolen the Millennium Pendant, Yugi and friends - who have entered the game in order to help the Pharaoh - intervened. Bakura then used one of his RPG items to rewind time, allowing himself to claim the Pendant and send the Pharaoh plummeting off a cliff.

The Pharaoh survived the fall; he was eventually able to reunite with his friends and later arrive at Kul Elna, where Bakura was waiting for him and the High Priests. Unfortunately, the other Millennium Items were stolen and Bakura accomplished his goal of summoning Zorc Necrophades; if not for the Pharaoh's summoning of Hasan, the RPG would have likely ended there. The Pharaoh and the surviving priests returned to the city, with Zorc quickly approaching it.

The court's attempts to halt the demon's attack were futile, and many more lives were lost. Fortunately, Yugi and friends arrived and, having learned the Pharaoh's name, were able to present it to him by imagining the hieroglyphics engraved on the cartouche pendant given to him earlier by Anzu. This allowed the Pharaoh to read and learn his name, Atem, which he used to revive the Egyptian Gods and fuse them into the the Creator of Light, Horakthy. Horakthy destroyed both Zorc and the dark Bakura, thus winning the RPG for the Pharaoh. After handing the throne over to his cousin, Seto, Atem returned to the real world with his friends.

Now that he had finally regained his lost memories and name, Atem's last trial would be the Ceremonial Battle which would determine his future. Yugi volunteered to be the one to Duel him and for once during their life together, the two minds made their own decks in private. Arriving at the shrine where the battle was to take place, Yugi and Atem were separated from each other and were able to truly Duel each other for the first and last time.

Neither Duelist held back, but it was Yugi who emerged as the victor. Atem reassured Yugi that he was now strong enough to stand on his own. The Pharaoh then said his farewells to his present-day friends before finally departing for the afterlife, where he was welcomed with open arms.




The Pharaoh woke up from his eternal rest in a pool of water.

It took him a moment to realize that he wasn't where he was supposed to be, another moment to gain full control of his senses and stand up in the pool he had been floating in. It wasn't too deep; the water was collected and held there by the damaged floorboards and other debris. Time and battles had not been kind to the temple that housed it, for the extensive damage allowed sunlight to shine in and give life to the flowers that bloomed wherever they could take root.

Standing there, Atem realized the building was more suited to a word that he hadn't heard in some time. This was not a temple, as he was familiar with them, but a church.

"Where..." he started to say, but stopped as he turned. Up on the floor nearby was a great sword standing on the end of its blade. It was a monument; to whom, he wasn't certain. But by just looking at it, he knew that whoever they were had meant a great deal to their loved ones.

The sight, as well as the serenity of the church, was almost enough to let him forget that he had no clue where he was or how he ended up here.

Wading to the edge of the pool, Atem climbed up to the floor. Light glittered off his golden finery; water dripped off his flowing cape. Once he was able to look around more, he felt out of place. His first guess was that he had been brought somewhere - the world of the living, maybe. Or somewhere else entirely. In either case, he wasn't supposed to be here.

He had to find out where he was.

Purpose in his stride, Atem walked to the front of the church. The bright sunlight outdoors blinded him momentarily, but he found himself face to face with a startling new reality. The church was not located in a city but the ruins of one, an expansive wilderness of broken buildings and shattered concrete. The remnants of human civilization surrounded him, and he could sense the staggering amount of people who have fought and lost their lives here to conflict and calamity.

Staring at this desolate landscape, Atem felt something he hadn't felt since before his final journey: apprehension.

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