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 Varric Tethras (WIP), Dragon Age
Varric Tethras
 Posted: Oct 5 2017, 12:31 PM


N/AVarric TethrasN/A
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HAIR: Light reddish brown, just long enough to be tied back.
EYES: Brown
SPECIAL TRAITS: Unlike the stereotypical dwarf - from Thedas or elsewhere - Varric doesn't have a beard. He makes up for it with his chest hair, however. He has a scar across the bridge of his nose, as well as multiple ear piercings.


STRENGTHS: Varric is very easygoing, getting along with pretty much everyone he winds up spending a decent amount of time with (provided that they aren't trying to kill him). He always looks for a way to throw some humor into a situation and ease the stress of his companions. He's clever in both business and survival situations, which are often intertwined in his case.
WEAKNESSES: However, if his silver tongue isn't helping him or his companions, then it might be getting him into trouble. Varric is prone to lying, even during serious matters where the truth would have really helped. He puts the welfare of his friends first over dragging them into some deadly scenario that they wouldn't be able to escape from. Sometimes embellishing a tale is a lot more easier than facing reality.
PERSONALITY OVERVIEW: The dwarves are often seen as set in their ways, strict in upholding traditions and wary of people from other races... as well as bearded. Varric is none of these things. A surfacer dwarf his entire life, he's friendly to strangers, easy to get along with and always ready with a witty remark. This dwarf comes across as a guy from a rich family with too much time on his hands. A good amount of time is spent on telling stories - often richly embellished tales, where the truth might not be quite as it seems. Sure enough, he puts this talent to good use in his various novels and serials throughout the years.

Behind the mask of idling rich boy, Varric runs a spy network, gathering any information that is beneficial to both his family and the people he happens to work with. Being a deshyr of the Dwarven Merchants Guild means that he's constantly making sure that all problems are dealt with, the right people are appeased, lest he winds up in financial - and physical - harm. He is adept at keeping multiple businesses afloat and manageable, and it's easy for him to talk his way out of a dangerous situation, even if he has to lie in order to do so.

Varric has a tendency to avoid dwelling too long on certain things, especially if they're not happy to think about. Sometimes his fibs get the better of him, and he's not comfortable facing reality at times. Everyone has skeletons in their closet, and it's the same with him. He worries about other people quite a bit - friends, allies, even his informants.

Even while he stays on the right side of the law for the most part, Varric isn't afraid of breaking rules - and even into places - as long as it does help someone in need. He dislikes innocents getting hurt, as well as people acting too aggressively. This dwarf appreciates casual banter and jokes, and is always willing to hear someone's problems out if given the time. Often he gives nicknames to other people and he talks about his signature weapon, Bianca, as if she was an actual person.

Varric doesn't particularly like it when he's dragged out to the great outdoors. It's beautiful, but full of things that would love to eat people, and he somehow always ends up in an area whenever either bad things are happening or the weather is terrible. He prefers being in the city and likes to complain about hiking.


WEAPONRY: Bianca, a one-of-a-kind repeating crossbow. The weapon is referred to as a she and is often talked about as if she is a living, breathing person (and not just by Varric, too). She has a hidden bayonet for melee combat and her aiming module, arms, grip and rune can be customized to improve her abilities.
SPECIAL ABILITIES OVERVIEW: As a rogue, Varric specializes in precision attacks, dodging out of harm's way and eliminating opponents one at a time. He can quickly find out an opponent's weaknesses and use them to his advantage, and he isn't shy of grabbing ahold of an opportunity when it knocks - even if it means he's playing dirty. He's an expert marksman, capable of landing a shot from quite some distance away. Just as often, he would send bolts raining down upon an unlucky target.

Varric is also an artificer, able to pick through, disable and arm various mechanisms with skilled fingers and expertise. He can pick locks and set up traps all across a battlefield. Anyone facing him in a fight should be careful of where they step.

Being a dwarf, Varric lacks a connection to the Fade, thus he's resistant to magic and exposure to lyrium, although not quite as well as a dwarf living underground. It's a minor buff, really - nobody likes being set on fire, and nobody likes getting close to a glowing blue mineral that can eat through your brain. This lack of Fade connection also means that he's unable to dream (although that doesn't stop him from getting pulled into the Fade, and thus dreams, under certain circumstances).


FAMILY: Two parents, named Andvar and Ilsa. An uncle named Emmet. Two cousins, Vidar and Thorold. And last, but not least, older brother Bartrand.
CLOSE RELATIONS: Gerav (old acquaintance), Bianca Davri (old flame), Bianca (old friend and crossbow); the Hawke siblings, Aveline Vallen, Anders, Fenris, Merril, Isabella, Sebastian Vael (friends and companions); Cassandra Pentaghast, Solas, Sera, Vivienne, Iron Bull, Blackwall, Dorian Pavus, Cole (more friends and companions); Leliana, Cullen Rutherford, Josephine Montilyet (allies); Bran (seneschal).

House Tethras was a noble house in Orzammar, but when Andvar Tethras was found guilty of fixing the Provings, the entire house had been exiled and sent to the surface. While Andvar's oldest son, Bartrand, could remember life in Orzarmmar, youngest son Varric was born on the surface in Kirkwall and grew to have a different outlook in life. Bartrand eventually became head of the house, while Varric ran a spy network behind the scenes, using his contacts to deal with any problems that came their way.

An acquaintance, Gerav, had been designing repeating crossbows (with not much success) and sold Varric one of the prototypes. It didn't work, but after he met Bianca Davri, she worked on the weapon, making it functional. In order to keep anyone from discovering her involvement - it would prove dangerous to her if the Carta found out - Varric named the crossbow after her and leaked the story that he got it to work on his own.

While Bartrand was planning an expedition into the Deep Roads, he was approached by the Hawke siblings, who were trying to find ways to make ends meet. The dwarf rejected them, but Varric approached them afterwards, convincing the two that Bartrand didn't need hirelings, but a business partner - his older brother was actually having trouble financing the trip. Varric then joined the older Hawke in collecting funds and even provided his new companion with information about a Grey Warden, Anders, who might be willing to tell them of a good entrance into the Deep Roads. After Hawke gathered enough money, allies and info on a Deep Roads entrance, Varric was able to convince Bartrand to take the future Champion along.

Down in the Deep Roads and after quite a few fights with the creatures within, the expedition discovered a previously unexplored thaig, which contained an idol made of strange red lyrium. Bartrand's greed had gotten the better of him and he trapped Hawke, Varric and their companions in the thaig before running off with the idol, leaving them for dead. The group explored the rest of the thaig, fighting their way to both a large stash of treasure and a route back to the surface.

With Bartrand now missing, Varric became the manager of their family's business, while Hawke moved up in the world due to the resulting wealth from that horde of treasure. Three years later, the dwarf still tagged along during Hawke's adventures, dealing with problems brought forward by their companions, as well as the deteriorating relationship between the people of Kirkwall and the visiting Qunari. It wasn't long, however, before Varric received word that his older brother had returned to Kirkwall and was holed up in a mansion in Hightown.

Varric, Hawke and friends arrived at Bartrand's mansion, where they quickly realized that something was terribly wrong. The guards were crazed and the group was forced to fight through the ones who attacked them, until they eventually found the only servant who was still alive. He told them that Bartrand had started hearing the lyrium idol sing to him and he still heard it ever after he sold it. Driven insane, he started abusing his household, torturing the servants and feeding the guards lyrium - all in an attempt to get them to hear the same things he was hearing. With this knowledge, the group confronted Bartrand and his remaining guards.

After the fight was over, Varric was able to see just how crazy his older brother had become. Still, he spared Bartrand's life and sought help for him, sending him to a sanitarium. Clearly in no condition to regain control of the family business, Varric became the official head of House Tethras.

Between the increasing tensions between Kirkwall and the Qunari and the death of Hawke's mother, things finally came to a head. The last straw for the Arishok came when the city guard attempted to arrest two recent converts to the Qun, as they were charged for murder. No longer able or willing to deal with the clash of the Qunari's beliefs and that of the city - and unable to simply leave without the relic that Isabella had stolen earlier - the Arishok launched an invasion. Hawke's group arrived at Viscount's Keep, only to find that the Arishok had killed the viscount. Once the Qunari were dealt with, the survivors finally left Kirkwall, and Hawke was named champion of the city.

Another three years later, the templars were now in control of the city, as there was no one of replace the viscount. The relationship between Kirkwall's templars and mages - shaky even before the Qunari invasion - became increasingly hostile. Varric kept a close eye on any updates to this situation, warning Hawke of the inevitable storm that was approaching.

The dwarf had also been busy trying to sell Bartrand's mansion, but when odd things started happening within, people started to believe that it was haunted. Varric, Hawke and their companions set out to investigate the mansion, which really did appear to be haunted. Objects moved and were thrown around, voices could be heard and apparent ghosts roamed through the hallways and rooms. Eventually, the group uncovered a small piece of the idol, which Varric allowed Hawke to keep.

Varric joined the Champion's various quests regarding the mages and the templars, but soon the inevitable happened. When Knight-Commander Meredith's ongoing feud with First Enchanter Orsino reached its climax, Hawke was sent to intervene. Anders chose this time to blow up the Chantry, killing everyone inside. This included Grand Cleric Elthina, who would undoubtedly attempt to reconcile the two. With the choice to compromise removed, Hawke was forced to choose a side and the group made their way through Kirkwall, eventually fighting their way back to the Gallows.

Orsino used blood magic to transform into a Harvester, but was slayed in the following battle. Meredith then attempted to execute the Champion, but was stopped by Knight-Captain Cullen. Furious and believing everyone was against her, Meredith revealed that her sword was made out of the red lyrium idol that Bartrand's expedition found all those years ago. She attacked Hawke, pulling the Champion's group into an intense battle where the templars and others joined in to help defeat her. Attempting to gain one last burst of strength, Meredith lost control of the red lyrium sword instead and was killed when the lyrium overwhelmed her.

News of the conflict in Kirkwall had spread quickly. Both mages and templars abandoned the Circles in a new war. The Champion's companions leave the city for their own reasons, and Varric penned The Tale of the Champion, detailing the story of Hawke's rise to power. He was later captured by Seeker Cassandra Pentaghast, who wanted to hear the truth behind the tale. Varric told her the whole story, changing her mind about Hawke. When Cassandra claimed that she was looking for the Champion's help in peacefully resolving the war, Varric told her that he didn't know where Hawke even was. Cassandra allowed him to go free.

Later on, when the leaders of both the mages and the templars went to meet in order to reconcile their differences, Cassandra brought Varric with her, hoping that his knowledge of Hawke could prove useful to Divine Justinia. They didn't arrive at the Temple of Sacred Ashes before it was blown up, killing everyone inside and further pulling both sides into the Mage-Templar War. The explosion resulted in the Breach, a gigantic tear in the Veil that remained high up in the sky. As demons poured out of it from the Fade, Varric remained, helping the Chantry repel the invaders.




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