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 Luigi, Super Mario Bros.
 Posted: Feb 13 2018, 07:09 AM

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luigi24july 14
humanhe/himsuper mario bros.

HAIR: Brown and smooth, a medium length that goes down a bit the back of his neck. He's also sporting a cowlick. In addition, he has a smooth black handlebar mustache.
EYES: A bright blue.
HEIGHT: 5'08"
SPECIAL TRAITS: Luigi doesn't have anything special to his appearance other than his lankiness, though he does have a cap with an "L" on it that he wears at all times.


STRENGTHS: If you're looking for someone compassionate, you've come to the right place. Luigi is a highly empathetic individual, which makes it easy for him to make friends. In addition to that, Luigi is someone with a lot of determination and fortitude; if a job needs to get done, despite any reservations he may have, he will get it done. His sheer amount of devotion to a cause and those he cares about is incredible in how unshakeable it is. He's also fairly intelligent, a problem-solver by nature and yet someone who can also think outside the box for solutions if need be, making him more strategic than his more impulsive brother.

WEAKNESSES: Luigi's major flaw comes from his almost cripplingly low self esteem. Luigi is plagued with doubt that he's able to overcome difficult tasks, and this may lead him to not only to hesitate in doing work but even outright avoid it if he thinks someone else may be able to take care of it. While he's strong-willed once he sets his mind to doing something, it's getting him to start doing it that's the trouble. In addition to that, Luigi is very much clumsy and despite being smart can be rather absentminded sometimes.

The water to Mario's fire, the storm to his calm, the patience to his impatience, Luigi can be seen as his brother's polar opposite in every way personality-wise. Every strength has, Luigi lacks, and every strength Mario lacks, Luigi has - the two of them complement each other. Much of Luigi's personality developed as a result of being in his brother's shadow, of being the one to support and lift up, and it shows; it's hard to say whether it's nature versus nurture, but either way, Luigi's grown to hold onto the Player 2 title rather tightly.

The most immediate, and obvious, difference between the brothers stems from Luigi's cowardice. While Mario is quick to rush into danger and shows a sort of fearlessness in the face of trouble, Luigi is far more timid and easy to startle. Hesitant and cautious, this even goes as far as to reflect in Luigi's demeanor as even in the most comfortable of situations, he has a tendency to hold his hands protectively in front of his own torso. Despite his physical prowess being greater than that of his brother's, his demeanor more closely resembles that of a mouse than a roaring lion.

That isn't to say that Luigi doesn't have his inner strengths, however. Despite the timidity, one could possibly argue that Luigi demonstrates true courage, because if given a worthy enough cause, Luigi is willing to face adversity for the sake of it. Over time, he's grown more and more accustomed to adventure along with his brother, too, so he's gotten better at hiding when something makes him scared. It's not true confidence, but a need to step up to the plate that makes Luigi so formidable, especially when it comes to those he cares about.

The main draw of Luigi stems from his sense of compassion. Whether it rubbed off on him from Mario or otherwise, Luigi is highly empathetic and likes to support the little guys. He's very kind and supportive, if a bit quick on the draw with jumping to conclusions. He's easy to forgive, and it's not uncommon for him to allow himself to be stepped all over simply for the sake of making someone else happy. While he's not a pushover in dire scenarios as well as competitive ones, Luigi's personal life tends to revolve around him doing things for the sake of making others happy, and in so doing Luigi himself is happy.

What makes him such a target for others to step on him, besides how easy it is to take advantage of him, is his perceived airheadedness. While Luigi demonstrates problem-solving skills and can be prone to thinking outside the box, it's not reflected well within his demeanor; besides being generally clumsy, Luigi also has a tendency to get distracted, space out, and even goof off when he should be focusing on something. As opposed to Mario who has a more one-tracked, single-tunneled mind, Luigi's bounces all over the place, and it's usually up to Mario to refocus him on the task at hand. This means, of course, that Luigi thrives creatively, but it's easy for him to get side-tracked when a job is expected of him, especially if the main thing he's supposed to do gives him anxiety.

Despite this, Luigi is a very affectionate, warm-hearted person and he's not shy about letting others know that he enjoys their company and cares about them. He can almost get a bit too attached, to the point of clinginess. Those who know him well are used to this. It isn't as if it would be a one-sided relationship, either, as Luigi is willing to travel to the moon and back for beloved people. Just look at his dedication to Mario, braving one of his greatest fears (ghosts and abduction) to come to his rescue!

Luigi can come across as rather flamboyant and goofy, but he is still more down to earth than his brother, who can overestimate his abilities and rush too quickly headlong into danger, while Luigi will take the time to legitimately consider it. It's just that this down to earthness marches to its own drum, and as a result Luigi can appear as though he's on a different plane of existence from others. He's even a little socially awkward, rambling too much and often saying things that would be considered very strange to most people ("Those red polka-dots look lovely on top!").

Overall, Luigi is a little eccentric, but kind-hearted, timid and yet determined, and overall a loyal and loving brother.


WEAPONRY: Luigi's not one to sport a lot of weaponry. Occasionally he will carry special items such as power-ups, but he doesn't keep them with him normally. What he does keep with him at all times is a hammer which he swings at foes (and sometimes Mario himself, though for different reasons).
SPECIAL ABILITIES OVERVIEW: Luigi's special abilities are as follows:

  • High jump. Higher than his brother's, Luigi's jump reaches over two times his height.
  • Flutter kick. Learned from Yoshi, the flutter kick allows Luigi to slow his descent.
  • Pyrokinesis. While far stronger when he has a fire flower, Luigi is capable of wielding small, weak fireballs without it.
  • Electrokinesis. Luigi can power electrical devices and also zap anyone to temporarily control their movements.

In addition, Luigi is very durable and physically strong, able to punch out solid brick as well as survive high drops off of a castle-front.


FAMILY: His older brother, Mario, is the only family he's got. As he never spends time speaking to his mother and father anytime in the franchise, it's likely they're either 1) deceased or 2) on strained terms with the brothers.
CLOSE RELATIONS: Hoo boy, long list.

  • Princess Peach (close friend he has a crush on but ultimately doesn't make a move on for Mario's sake)
  • Princess Daisy (good friend he has a bit of romantic tension with but who exhausts and frightens him sometimes)
  • Toad, Yoshi, Toadsworth, Toadbert, etc. (good friends hailing from the Mushroom Kingdom)
  • Princess Rosalina (good friend he helped out he has a crush on and would like to impress)
  • Prince Peasely (friend from Beanbean Kingdom he likes but ultimately doesn't reciprocate his feelings)
  • Prince Dreambert (friend from Pi'illo Kingdom he's rather fond of)
  • Bowser, Fawful, Cackletta, Antasma, etc. (enemies)
  • King Boo (sworn enemy after abducting Mario...twice)

Luigi's childhood started as a traumatic one. With his brother, he was supposed to be delivered upon his parents' doorstep; however, an interruption courtesy of Kamek led to him being abducted instead. This led to Mario having to rescue him on Yoshi-back after having landed within Yoshi's Island, but unfortunately the damage to him had already been done - with one of his very first memories being of the cold and the dark and being separated from his brother, it stayed deep-seated within the back of his consciousness as he grew older.

Thankfully, they did manage to find stability once Luigi was rescued and they fought Bowser for the first time as they were eventually taken to their parents as intended. Their parents originated from Italy and moved to Brooklyn sometime after that, and Mario and Luigi were both taken there to be raised, occasionally going to visit the Mushroom Kingdom for playdates with Princess Peach. This went swimmingly for a couple of years, with the babies being grown up in a safe environment and the playdates themselves being very much heavily regulated...

...until an alien race called the Shroobs invaded. Although this time Luigi managed to stay with Mario (and through this, he learned to see him as safety), he was retraumatized again by their home being stripped away from them as well as the sight of the Elder Princess Shroob, who plagued his nightmares at the back of his head from then on after. Getting the kingdom back then was a struggle and a half, and it was what convinced their parents to keep them in Brooklyn from then on, at least until they were old enough to be able to 'fend for themselves' (despite the fact that they'd managed then as children).

Growing up in Brooklyn, Luigi faced quite a bit of bullying within school and also found himself quickly falling into his older brother's shadow, given his natural aptitude for just about everything he tried. Luigi struggled to follow after him, seeing Mario as his natural place to aspire to be, but it was pretty clear that the childhood that afforded Mario fearlessness and bravery was also the same childhood that brought Luigi to timidity. He was quick to show lots of fear in approaching people, in so much as sleeping without a nightlight, in his own failure; and in addition, he exhibited a kind of clumsiness that unintentionally placed him as the class clown, further cementing him as being viewed as the oaf of the brothers.

That isn't to say that Mario or their parents completely ignored this. Their parents often stressed to Mario that he should look after Luigi, and Mario found it rather natural falling in line with protecting Luigi from bullies and the like and encouraging him when he could, which resulted in Luigi becoming quite enamored with his brother, on top of the feeling of safety that he'd already associated with him. As a result, the two growing up had a rather tight bond, even if it appeared as though Luigi's sensitivity and his hesitance got on Mario's nerves sometimes.

Mario had begun to fall for and grow steady with a woman named Pauline in their elder teens going into adulthood, and Luigi supported him the full way, even if he believed himself to be hopeless with women (or with men, as Luigi was beginning to find that he fell for them as well). This was what kickstarted the both of them into the hero business; Mario's girlfriend wound up being abducted and he rescued her from trouble. Mario had been a carpenter then, as the two of them had been getting into odd jobs in order to make money to eventually support themselves. They got themselves a plumbing job in the Mushroom Kingdom following a rocky point in Mario's relationship with Pauline, and both of them enjoyed their visit to the Mushroom Kingdom again so much that they decided to move there.

This began the routine of Mario rescuing the princess, time and time again, while Luigi was advised to stay home due to his falling behind in his skill repertoire. Unfortunately, this planted the seeds of separation anxiety within Luigi, even if he couldn't remember why Mario leaving him anywhere gave him such deep-seated fear. Still, it wasn't until Luigi rescued Mario from a mansion won in a contest he didn't even enter, a haunted mansion filled with ghosts, that Luigi was starting to go on adventures with him fully.

Several adventures passed them by, some with rescuing the princess, some with rescuing the world from an amalgamation of Bowser and a megalomaniac named Cackletta, teaming up with Bowser even in order to take down Fawful, parties together on the side, and even another ghastly outing with Professor Elvin Gadd, who supplied Luigi with the Poltergust that he'd used in order to rescue his brother the first time. One of the strongest adventures of these for Luigi in particular would be the one he slept the most in; having always had a history of narcolepsy since he was young, he'd fall asleep during meetings and even in the middle of work, and it also contributed to the clumsiness that worsened as he grew older. That narcolepsy proved to be helpful as it was the key to opening up the Dream World to Mario, the portal opening whenever Luigi fell asleep on a Pi'illo. It was revealed then too that Luigi was a lucid dreamer, able to shape and influence the Dream World itself, a way he'd learn to reclaim his dreams after they'd been assaulted by nightmares in his youth. Antasma was a scary foe then, corrupted from nightmares and even causing them himself, enough so that he encased the entirety of the Pi'illo race into stone, but Luigi faced his fears, both for the sake of bringing the Pi'illos back from their slumber and to protect his brother.

In fact, as Luigi went on more adventures, he became more protective of Mario in return for Mario being protective of him. Once he proved himself capable of rescuing him, he became the ultimate back-up in case Mario ran into any trouble. With the Mario Bros. name becoming more famous as he backed it up, Mario and Luigi learned to become all the more formidable of a team.




It's been two hours since Mario took off on his own to save the princess, and Luigi's now in a bit of a predicament.

There are many things that Luigi feels when Mario goes off on his own - fear, anxiety, worry, some jealousy (occasionally, anyway; he's not so jealous when the adventure involves sewers, or even Boos, because no thank you), yearning. It's common for Luigi to cycle through these, to twiddle his thumbs as he waits for Mario to arrive back home, to wander uselessly and ponder for far too long whether or not he should've come along, if he would've been a useful addition on the adventure.

But perhaps the most damaging, and the most pervasive, of the feelings that hit him got to him especially today: boredom.

While Luigi would not fancy himself the same kind of adventurer as his brother, perhaps a bit more domestic and a bit of a homebody, that's not to say there isn't something to be gleaned from them. The heart-pounding excitement, the suspense of the villain, the reveal of their dark plot, the locales that he gets to see and the people he gets to talk to; adventures have a draw to them, and it doesn't surprise Luigi in the slightest that Mario gets an insane amount of enjoyment out of it. When Luigi's in the moment, he experiences fear, but that doesn't say much because he experiences fear all the time, and on top of that there's a kind of togetherness that comes with being by Mario's side and a satisfaction upon conquering a mighty foe. With an adventure, there's so much to do and see.

At home, alone? Not so much.

It's not as if he hasn't tried to entertain himself, either. It's easy for him to get caught up in preoccupation when he sets a goal in mind, and every time he does. That goal is usually to clean up the house, to make something to eat, to tend to the front yard, that sort of thing. And this busywork keeps him occupied for a while and keeps his brain steady.

That is, until he finished it. And that is, until the Bowser kidnappings get so frequent that he'd already done that last time.

It's not out of a lack of trying that he's bored after that, either. He tried playing Connect-Four by himself (not a hard task, when he's his own opponent. He lost that game), he tried to paint (he got it all over himself, so at least it meant he had to handwash his clothes, again, for the fifth time that week), and he even tried to stand in front of the mirror and imitate Mario (he's really perfected his voice this time). The last one especially kept him entertained, because the idea of Mario tripping on his way down the stairs is immensely funny when it doesn't actually happen and he doesn't have an elder brother to worry about. (Also, it helps to laugh off the pain, rather than to get upset by it. He used to cry every time he got hurt when he was four. He did a lot of crying when he was four.)

Unfortunately, all of those things lose their novelty, and that's what's leaving Luigi sitting there in the living room, idly brushing over the coffee table with his finger. "I'm-a booooored," he gripes to no one in particular, but it helps to get his mind off of the anxiety that's beginning to claw into his heart. A bored mind is the worst one, because a bored mind tries to occupy itself with other things; and when Mario isn't around, the things it attempts to occupy itself with usually focus on terrible scenarios that Mario might have gotten himself into for Luigi to fret over for the next several hours, and that's not the kind of thing Luigi is looking to do for fun.

For the moment, he sighs, shifting back in the couch and placing his head on the table. Maybe he can nap and that can pass the time quicker, that might be fun. He's eating away his life with sleeping and he's going to mess his sleep schedule up, again, but if Mario doesn't come back by night time doubtless Luigi's not going to get any sleep anyway, or if he is it's going to be disturbed. He might as well try to claim it now when he's not having a full-blown panic attack because Mario didn't arrive any earlier than 8 PM.

With that thought in mind, Luigi closes his eyes...

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