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Made centuries and centuries ago, the Seireitei is the long standing home of the Shinigami, spirit warriors who defeat the evil spirit of Hollows and guide the dead to their final resting. It's a maze to navigate and home to thousands of individuals, most of who are Shinigami. The Seireitei's walls are currently lowered and they're allowing guests in through the four gates, each with guards monitoring the visitors.

4 128 Mar 17 2018, 12:56 PM
In: Meanwhile - In the Axolotl...
By: White
Also known as the Village Hidden in the Leaves, Konoha is the largest of the ninja villages and home to many a legendary ninja. Within its walls are masters of taijutsu and ninjutsu, carriers of special clan abilities, and those who could kill without ever making a sound.

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8 242 Mar 12 2018, 10:31 AM
In: Storyteller's Research
By: Mei Misaki
radiant garden
Once upon a time, Radiant Garden had been destroyed and morphed into Hollow Bastion, a castle overrun by heartless. Since the return of the keyblade wielder, it has returned to its former glory.

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11 255 Mar 7 2018, 04:01 PM
In: Take A Moment
By: Calcifer
The joint city of Midgar-Edge is made up of two: the double leveled city of Midgar and its newest addition Edge, which was built up after Meteorfall. The upper plate of Midgar is home to the city's wealthy while the bottom plate is no more than a slum. Edge represents the in-between: an image of what the Planet had become. Midgar is mostly abandoned while most of the population now lives in Edge.

8 324 Mar 17 2018, 09:02 AM
In: From Sinnoh to Midgar
By: Wes
Oerba was located on Gran Pulse and the former home of many a clan. Now it lays abandoned with only Cie'th and monsters to walk its streets.

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9 289 Yesterday at 09:55 am
In: A Quick Errand
By: Rouge the Bat
neo domino city
Built from the ground up near the original Domino City - now merely called Satellite - it's home to many a duelist. Once the people of Neo Domino fed off the hard work of the poor in Satellite, but now the two parts are equal, connected by a bridge of peace. It's not uncommon to see a duel taking place on its many streets.

14 606 Mar 17 2018, 12:27 PM
In: Just a Little Chat
By: Rockman X
the flying pussyfoot
A train making its way across the countryside, the Flying Pussyfoot is a luxury train that caters to the needs of its passengers. Unfortunately for it, there's rumors of a mysterious creature who kills its passengers known as the Rail Tracer.

7 208 Yesterday at 10:13 am
In: Just Desserts
By: Kaito Kuroba
the deep roads
Running underground of the entire continent is the Deep Roads. Dwarven cities once made their homes along them, but they have since succumbed to the horde of darkspawn that now call it home. Aside from darkspawn, many a danger can be found within it and nothing is more feared than the one that brings them to life...Broodmother...

4 108 Mar 7 2018, 11:09 AM
In: A Dragon in the Ruins
By: Durnehviir
santa destroy
Santa Destroy may look like an ordinary city you would find in an ordinary country, but that's as far from the truth as you could possibly get. Despite its generally normal residency, it's where many an assassin for the United Assassins Association make their battlefield.

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8 246 Mar 2 2018, 02:52 PM
In: Rules of Magic
By: Flemeth
the arid badlands
A former industrial park, the Arid Badlands is now little more than a savannah. Its residents are few, mainly bandits who love to loot, and it has only one remaining settlement that is all but abandoned.

5 165 Yesterday at 11:04 am
In: Abandoned Hideout
By: Riki
kokiri forest
Home of the Kokiri, the forest has long since been a mystery to many. Few may enter without falling to the monsters and even the Kokiri cannot leave without repercussions. And, deep within, lies the Lost Woods, where stories of Skull Kids seem to appear.

6 201 Yesterday at 09:36 am
In: Alone in the Woods
By: Dorumon
Amestris had always been a military-minded nation and its frozen north of Briggs was no exception. It now finds itself at the top of the land where its snow and ice keep their enemies at bay.

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8 227 Feb 24 2018, 05:34 PM
In: Wielder of Flowing and Rage
By: Sagiri
mt. moon
Mt. Moon is probably most famous as the home of Clefairy, a special Pokemon that is said to have come to the world from the moon. It's also a place where people can dig up fossils that can - possibly - be transformed into Pokemon. Either way, it is always a stop for trainers on their adventures.

9 269 Mar 14 2018, 11:18 AM
In: Normalcy
By: Blues
makna forest
A humid, sub-tropical forest. In the center of the forest towers an enormous tree housing Frontier Village, inhabited by the Nopon race.

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14 404 Mar 7 2018, 11:59 PM
In: In the Shadows of Calamity
By: Lucina

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