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 Y'shtola Rhul, Final Fantasy XIV
Y'shtola Rhul
 Posted: Nov 1 2017, 12:37 PM

23 [phys.]
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Y'shtola Rhul
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Y'shtola Rhul31 [23 phys.]Feb 17
Miqo'teFemaleFinal Fantasy XIV

HAIR: White
EYES: They used to be teal, though now they are a silvery grey, with her pupils unfocused.
HEIGHT: 5'6"
SPECIAL TRAITS: She is a Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te, meaning she has cat like features, such as her eyes, her tail, and her ears. She has special markings along her skin, as well as her Scion brand on her neck. She has also gone physically blind.


STRENGTHS: Y'shtola is calm and composed, with sharp insight and is excellent at remaining on the task at hand. She is not easily discouraged or distracted from the situation and is very well-spoken. She speaks with a peculiar dialect and diction, often with a rather sophisticated sentence structure, matching her characteristic posture.
WEAKNESSES: As patient as she is, when she loses it, she gains a rather sharp gall. It turns out that as composed as she is, she is not above a skeptical or sarcastic remark, especially in cases involving a certain man named Thancred. She is also rather stubborn, and as much as it aided her when she had been cast under the wing of Matoya in her youth, it can also lead to her being in a lot of trouble.
PERSONALITY OVERVIEW: The healer of the Scions was a young Miqo'te, Y'shtola, who was so skilled in magic at the age of seven that she was put under the wing of Matoya. Her stubbornness allowed her to stay under her mentor's teaching, but it also led her to trouble as she went around the world, chasing after her investigations. As composed and proper as she seems, she's not above a sarcastic remark. Her quick wit and intelligence can allow her to have a different view than her fellow Scions, meaning that she is a voice of reason among her peers, providing insight that is well-valued.

Has a great collection of shoes, and is scared of jellyfish aureliae.


WEAPONRY: Wands/Staffs
SPECIAL ABILITIES OVERVIEW: She is a Conjurer, meaning she is adept at using magic as opposed to physical attacks. She is most skilled in white magic and often keeps her distance in battles to strike from afar as well as protect and heal her allies, or herself. She is skilled in healing and support magic, such as Cure, Esuna, and Protect. She is also perfectly capable of fighting alone. Y'shtola has also used magic to freeze her aging at twenty-three, for whatever reason she had for that. In reality, this makes her body physically younger than her own younger sister, who is currently 26.

Weaponry: She is most adept with wands and staffs, and she started with the Budding Wand, seemingly a simple stick with a collection of leaves on it. However, she also has at her disposal the Alkalurops, Thrus, and Shire Crook. Her most trusted weapon that she uses most often, however, is her Truth Seeker, which was gifted to her by a friend and is said to require great skill to wield.

Aether: The world of Eorzea has aether that flows through it - both inside of everyone, and in the forms of crystals that are scattered throughout it. The people of Eorzea are able to Teleport or Return to these crystals once they are attuned to them. Y'shtola has the rare ability to see and sense aether, which enables her to get around now due to having gone physically blind due to, er, complications regarding using forbidden spells.

Techniques: Taught from a young age by Matoya, Y'shtola's collection of spells is geared for fighting from afar and healing herself and others. These include, but are not limited to:
--> Stone: Summons small stones that launch towards the opponet.
--> Virus: Casts virus-based magic at her enemies.
--> Blizzara: Summons ice spikes toward her opponents. Also has a tendency to freze the ground around her with a sheet of ice.
--> Stonera: Casts an earth trap that then bursts when it is stepped on by an opponent.
--> Ruin: Casts three homing shots.
--> Aero: Casts a wind attack that hones in on the opponent before bursting with power.
--> Fluid Aura: Casts a burst of water that knocks away opponents.
--> Aerora: Casts a wind trap that attacks all nearby opponents.
--> Holy: Casts an intense burst of light around Y'shtola, and draws in all nearby opponents to also stun them. Super effective against the undead!
--> Vivifying Lance: Casts a lance-like object that launches forward. At the same time, Y'shtola heals herself and anyone with her.
--> Holy Snare: Casts a light trap that, when walked into, will stop the one trapped from moving while dealing damage. Y'shtola can leave a max of four of these at once.
--> Spiritual Ray: Casts a long range trap that absorbs opponents into it. Explodes around five seconds after it is cast.
--> Aetherial Pulse: Restores Y'shtola and her entire party.


FAMILY: Y'hmitra (half-sister)
CLOSE RELATIONS: The Adventurer, Thancred, Yda, Papalymo, Matoya, Scions of the Seventh Dawn

Ever since she was small, Y'shtola displayed a talent for magic, and when she was seven, she was sent to the famous Archon Matoya to be her pupil. However, she was an unwanted pupil, so Matoya set up a strict regimen in order to try and scare off Y'shtola, but that utterly failed and backfired. So, impressed with this small seven-year old's stubbornness where an adult would give up, she decided to officially call the small child her pupil and began to teach her the ways of magic. There, Y'shtola emerged a decade later, skilled in the arcane arts, and ready to take on the world.

Y'shtola started working on her own investigations, such as Seal Rock. Eventually, she ended up joining up with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and began investigating a series of kidnappings occurring in Limsa Lominsa. There, she met up with an Adventurer, who aided her in her investigation and later joined up with the Scions as well. Then, she rigged an Aethryte Crystal. She also aided in Castrum Centri, where a rescue operation was taking place.

Then Y'shtola heard about crystal thefts happening and began to investigate that, too. She decided to pose as a miner and try to trap the thieves, and it turned out they were Serpent Reavers trying to summon Leviathan. Then, she got to attend a celebration at Ul'dah, and then deal with a conspiracy regarding an attempted assassination on Nanamo Ul Namo. This led to her and Thancred being left behind in order to allow the Adventurer to escape, and at the last moment, Y'shtola used the forbidden spell Flow to transport her and Thancred to safety. Thancred ended up somewhere else in the world, but Y'shtola ended up trapped in the Lifestream.

... Which is not good if you're alive.

Anyway, the Adventurer called bullshit and went off to Kan-E-Senna for assistance to get Y'shtola back. They settled on getting help from Y'shtola's half-sister, Y'mhitra, and with her help, Y'shtola returned to the world, in a comatose state. When she awoke, she went right back into business, as though she was weak from her time in the Lifestream, it had granted her more spellcasting abilities. Y'shtola took the Adventurer to Matoya for some help regarding an aetheric device, and when the Adventurer left to continue on with their work, Matoya confronted Y'shtola regarding her new blindness thanks to her casting a forbidden spell.

In order to see, Y'shtola was using her new ability to sense aether in order to manipulate her eyesight, however, this would end up affecting her lifespan. Y'shtola just kind of shrugged it off and went off to help the Adventurer some more.

From there, she helped them in stopping the Archbishop's plans in Azys Lla, and also got to bear witness Alexander coming up from the depths of wherever he popped up from. After that, she went to Idyllshire to see Krile Mayer Baldesion, who wanted to aid the Scions in finding Thancred, since they hadn't exactly found him yet (and then it turned out that his magic was sealed much like Y'shtola's eyesight was taken away, but honestly she only mentioned this to the Adventurer, it was just a theory). Then Warriors of Darkness happened and they attacked Ravana. She helped around here and there for a few other things the Scions had to deal with (such as finding out how someone got the horn to Alexander in the first place), when they decided to head off to the Ala Mhigan Resistance headquarters and were promptly attacked. Y'shtola was wounded and was unable to help with the liberation of the towns the Garleans controlled.

The tale of Y'shtola supposedly ends here, but a Goddess has something else to say about that.




The world was dark when she first woke, but that had become the norm since her swim through the Lifestream. It was only when she had started the aether moving around in her eyes that she had realized that something had gone horribly wrong. This was nowhere in Eorzea that she was aware of, and for that matter, she wasn't entirely certain or able to garner a reason as to how she had gotten here.

She had woken in a city of metal and steel, large vehicles passing by on solid rock streets. She was lost in this strange jungle, only trying to navigate her way through the winding streets. For the most part, the people of this strange new world only glanced at her for mere moments, inspecting her ears and tail. She was not sure what to do in this situation, and it was throwing her off.

"You look a mite confused, lady!" claimed a man then, gathering Y'shtola's full attention. "Are you new? This your first time in Edge?"

"May I ask you to tell me where I am?" Y'shtola asked, approaching gently and carefully observing. "I do not recall coming here, I was severely injured merely yesterday, and yet today..."

"That's how it works, see," said the man. "You've been taken from your home, brought here by the Goddess for her own gain. You're far from home. Can't say I've ever seen your kind before, and you don't look like you've seen anything like this before, either."

"... I have not," Y'shtola admitted. "Mayhap... you may teach me?"

And from there, Y'shtola received a history lesson, not entirely sure what to make of it, and not entirely willing to believe that she'd become the plaything of some Goddess. But, this was a new adventure and a new place to explore.

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