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 Xiu Li Huang, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
Xiu Li Huang
 Posted: Jun 4 2018, 12:25 PM

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Xiu Li Huang
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xiu li huangfifteensept 1 1973
human (chinese)malesamurai troopers

HAIR: Dark Blue
EYES: Dark Blue
HEIGHT: 5'4.5" (164cm)


STRENGTHS: Xiu is an exceptionally friendly individual who gets along with most people he meets. He likes to see the best in others and is always willing to lead an helping hand when needed. As his virtue is justice, he has a strong sense in it and is always willing to fight for what's right.
WEAKNESSES: Despite his friendly nature, Xiu can be incredibly short tempered and doesn't like having to wait around. He acts before he thinks more often than not, which gets him into trouble on a regular basis. He also possesses an enormous appetite, which makes him think with his stomach at the least opportune times.
PERSONALITY OVERVIEW: Xiu is a friendly individual, who's loud nature can make him the center of attention. He can be seen as very hot-tempered and stubborn, and sometimes these traits tend to get in his way, though his patience can be shown by his interactions with his friends and siblings, who he rarely picks fights with. Xiu can be slow on the take when it comes to strategies, which means he can be manipulated on occasion, but he often powers his way through these situations because his sense of justice can often see him through. He's quick to fight against his enemies and is never one to back down when someone's in trouble. Despite his faults, Xiu has a good heart.

Xiu comes from a rather wealthy family, but it's often not known as he doesn't tend to act like it nor does he look down on others who have less than he does. Xiu really likes sports, and his favourites are judo, kung fu and rugby - all of which he's very good at.


WEAPONRY: Three-section staff/naginata mixture
SPECIAL ABILITIES OVERVIEW: As a member of the Samurai Troopers, Xiu has more to him than regular human. He possesses super strength (more so than his fellow samurai as he has the armor of justice), enhanced speed, enhanced endurance and enhanced healing. As the wielder of Hardrock, he has a special move called Iron Rock Crusher that can cause a massive earthquake to damage his enemies. Xiu fights with a three-section staff that has a naginata blade on the end, though he can split it and use it as nunchaku as well.

Xiu has the armor of Hardrock and is able to summon it to help aid him in battle. When he wears it, he becomes stronger and faster than he is without it. With the rest of the samurai, he's capable of using his own gi to power-up Ryo's Inferno Armor.


FAMILY: Chan Run (father); mother; Rinfi & Chun Fa (younger sisters); Yun & Mei Ryu (younger brothers); grandfather (clan leader)
CLOSE RELATIONS: Ryo Sanada, Seiji Date, Touma Hashiha, Shin Mouri (fellow samurai); Naste Yagyu, Jun Yamano, White Blaze (friends); Rajura (Dark Warlord/rival)

During the Ching Dynasty of China, Xiu's ancestors immigrated to Japan where he and his family lived. He was born in Chinatown in Yokohama to parents who owned a family restaurant. He became the oldest of five siblings as well.

The leader of his family clan - who Xiu simply called Grandfather - thought that Xiu might be the one to wield the armor of Hardrock, which was in the possession of the Xiu family. When he was thirteen, Grandfather gave him a secret test while he invited Xiu and his two siblings, Rinfi and Yun, to the family resort. At the family resort, family treasures were kept and his two younger siblings accidentally broke some of them. To take the blame from his younger siblings, Xiu broke some more so he could say it was his fault instead of theirs. Because of his resolve to spare his siblings punishment due to their youth, Xiu had awakened his 'gi' - Justice - and his armor of Hardrock was summoned for the first time. As it turned out, the treasures they had broken were fake and placed their by Grandfather in the hopes that Xiu would do just as he did.

A year later, Arago of the Netherworld appeared in Toyama as he wanted to take over the human world. As the demons attacked, Xiu came to fight them, where he first met the other four samurai - Ryo of Wildfire, Shin of Torrent, Seiji of Nimbus and Touma of Heavens. The fivesome agreed to team up and try to stop Arago's assault, but a battle against Shutendoji resulted in the five of them being scattered to far distant locations.

Xiu was trapped in a rock, unconscious. Seiji and Naste came to his location to try and find him, but they are foiled by Anubis, one of the Warlords like Shutendoji. During his and Seiji's fight, where it looked like Seiji was about to lose, Xiu managed to free himself from the rock. The ensuing explosion caused Anubis to be knocked away. Now rescued, Xiu returned to the city with Naste and Seiji. Xiu and Seiji arrived in time to find Rajura using his illusions to trick Ryo and Shin, which he then turned on the two. Seiji was able to see through the illusion, but Xiu wasn't, causing him to attack Seiji, thinking he was fighting Rajura. After he was able to realize he had been tricked, Xiu used Iron Rock Crusher to drive Rajura away.

After they were able to rescue Touma, the five were restored as one and turned their attention to trying to get into Arago's castle. At the gate, Xiu managed to open it, using his super strength to do so. As they raced for the castle, they were attacked numerous times by the demons with one such attack causing them to separate again. Xiu met up with Touma in the subway. While the two attempted to get back to the others, Rajura used his illusions to try and convince Xiu to join Arago's side. He had illusions of the other samurai attack him, and explained that the Hardrock armor was filled with bloodlust which would eventually take Xiu over and cause him to turn evil. Angered, Xiu used Iron Rock Crusher to drive Rajura away, but the encounter had put an inkling of doubt in Xiu's mind over whether he would stay good or turn evil. After they reunited with the others, they were attacked again but Xiu's attempt to put his armor on failed because of his fears of it, and he had to fight without it, causing them to be weakened as a team. When Shutendoji, who led the attack, attempted to finish Ryo off, Jun and White Blaze stopped him. Seeing their courage helped Xiu regain his armor and stop Shutendjoji; the attack also managed to drive the netherworld spirits from the Warlord's body.

The next destination was Arago's castle. While attempting to fight the demon lord, Xiu - along with Seiji, Shin and Touma - got absorbed by Arago, causing them to not be able to fight. It was up to Ryo to defeat him and save his friends. Arago was using the samurai's energy to attack Ryo, but the four managed to get control of him to urge Ryo to attack. Ryo summoned a new armor - the Inferno Armor - using the energy of the other four and defeated Arago, sending him back to the netherworld. With the demon lord, defeated the city was restored.

While studying the new armor and Ryo getting some rest, the samurai encountered a new enemy named Saranbo. During a fight with him, Ryo's swords became damaged, causing the group to have to find new ones for him that could withstand the Inferno Armor. The group tried to get the Swords of Fervor, but they were possessed by Lord Saber-Stryke. Ryo fought Lord Saber-Stryke, but during the conflict, both the lord and White Blaze died. Lord Saber-Stryke ordered his own tiger companion, Black Blaze, to merge with White Blaze and gifted the swords to Ryo so the samurai could continue to use the strength of the Inferno Armor.

A gate to the netherworld opened, and it looked as if Arago was going to attempt his take-over once again. The samurai separated to the places their armors were forged to gain more power. While at his own location, Xiu encountered his old foe, Rajura, who started using his illusions to trick Xiu. Their landscape changed from forest to desert, and Sand Strikers came to confuse Xiu. Remembering words their mentor, Kaos, had once taught him, Xiu used the power of his armor to see the natural energy of the Earth. His Iron Rock Crusher was then enough to defeat the Sand Strikers. Xiu gave chase to Rajura, following him into the netherworld where Shin and Seiji were already captured. He had wanted to save them but found himself also captured by Arago, the Warlords and their newest ally, Kayura.

It was up to Ryo and Touma to save the other three. When Touma was supposedly captured and sent to join them, he was able to use his powers to save them and they were able to enter the fray against the Warlords and Kayura. During the battle with Kayura, they learned that Badamon, one of Arago's cohorts, was controlling her. Badamon in Kayura's body was able to force all the samurai as well as the Warlords to the towers that would take their power and give it to Arago so he could merge the netherworld with the human realm. Jun, however, was able to get to the top of the tower that housed Ryo and used the Jewel of Life to free him as well as the others. In the meantime, Shutendoji was able to free Kayura of Badamon's control at the sacrifice of his own life. She then took his armor to try and fight Arago.

They fought their way back to Arago to try and stop him, but the eclipse caused the realms to start merging, and Arago went to the human realm. The samurai followed him, but were unable to stop him. Ryo had to use the Inferno Armor and his gi of righteousness to enter Arago's body. Then, the samurai were able to use their own gi to help defeat Arago and restore the human realm to peace. Kayura and the Warlords returned to the netherworld where they chose to live in peace, and the armors went back to rest where the samurai hopefully would no longer need them.

However, it looked like Xiu would need his sooner than expected.




Ugh. Xiu's head really hurt. Had he hit it on something? He couldn't remember quite what he had been doing last, but if he did conk his head on something, he might have forgotten what accidentally he had been doing.

Xiu opened his eyes slowly, but then they nearly popped out of his head. He didn't recognize the room he was in at all. A shout of surprise came as he shot out of the bed, nearly tripping out of it as his legs got tangled in the bedsheets. "Where the heck am I?" he whispered to himself, peering out a window. All he saw was... water and trees. He lived in a city. A bustling city at that. Where exactly would he be where he saw this?

Without thinking, Xiu summoned his underarmor to him, even though it had been a while since he had used it and he didn't know if it would even work. Luckily, it did. Evil must have been nearby, somewhere. If he was imprisoned, he was going to need it to fight his enemies! With a battle cry - to surprise them into letting down their guard - Xiu burst out the room...

...And promptly found himself in a restaurant with everyone staring at him. And some of these everyones looked really... weird.

"Oh, you're awake!" someone in a chef's outfit said. Another added, "Where did you get those clothes? You weren't wearing that earlier."

"I... uh..." Xiu was confused now. These people didn't look like demons. Or... some of them kind of did but he couldn't really tell now. He could feel a headache coming on. "My head hurts," he muttered, rubbing at his forehead. It was promptly followed by his stomach growling, and he groaned, placing a hand there too.

"Well, while you work that out, how about you get something to eat?" the chef suggested.

Food. Now food was something Xiu understand. "Sounds good to me!" he said, going to sit down at an open space at a table. Food first. Then, he was going to find Seiji and the others, and see what the hell was happening.

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 Posted: Jun 4 2018, 01:11 PM

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Jen !
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