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 Yusuke Urameshi, Yu Yu Hakusho
Yusuke Urameshi
 Posted: Jun 4 2018, 01:51 PM

Spirit Detective
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Yusuke Urameshi
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Yusuke Urameshi18July 5
HumanMaleYu Yu Hakusho

HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown
HEIGHT: 5'5"
SPECIAL TRAITS: He greases back his hair because he thinks it looks cool. He used to be usually seen in his green school uniform (a crime, as his school's colours are blue), though typically he also wears a muscle shirt and pants. There's also his ultimate disguise, which is really just him in street clothes and his hair down.


STRENGTHS: Okay, so Yusuke can be a nice kid. Sometimes, that is. Most of the time, he's really not. He's not afraid to crack a joke (especially at other's expenses), and he has a morality that he always follows. He doesn't like cheap moves and tricks to get one's way or to win a fight, and as a result, he's not afraid to use all his strength in one punch against people who break his personal code.
WEAKNESSES: When Yusuke's not being a nice guy, he's being a short-tempered delinquent, and this is most of the time. He doesn't respect his elders (calling Genkai "Granny" for starters) and isn't afraid to prove it (pointing out Koenma is in diapers, for one thing), and he likes to intimidate and provoke people (especially Kuwabara). He's a cocky, smart-mouthed wise-ass that is unintelligent and gets weak points on tests.
PERSONALITY OVERVIEW: Yusuke had a good reputation. He came from a dead beat family with a dead beat dad and a nearly nonexistent mother, with extremely low grades and a tendency to beat up nearly everyone. His school staff mostly hated him, with one exception, and the students all feared him, with two exceptions. One of those students was Keiko Yukimura, who knew that underneath that tough and rough, short-tempered behaviour, Yusuke could be a nice guy. Sure, he'd look up her skirt, sure he'd crack a joke at her and Kuwabara's expense, and sure, he'd sass-talk his teachers. But? This is the same guy who stood by a kid's side, entertained him, gave him back his ball, and then got run over by a car for him.

Yusuke could also be stated to be loyal, even if Genkai says he has a six foot wall of crap between his behaviour and his true emotions. He'd back up Koenma if he felt the need to, and was willing to break Tournament rules to defend his friend Kurama. He has a morality code that seems to be unique to him - defending friends, looking up girl's skirts, and willing to ask questions to find out who's the bad guy. Break anything higher than that - blaming without the sense of situation, rape, or even kicking a man while he's down is sure to rile up Yusuke to the point of pummeling the person responsible.

Yep, Yusuke can be a good guy. But he's still an ass.


WEAPONRY: Spirit Energy
SPECIAL ABILITIES OVERVIEW: Yusuke has a large amount of spiritual energy inside that he can command into special, energized attacks, such as the Spirit Gun. His large reserves that he has at his disposal is the result of his very stern and rigorous training put on him by Genkai, who trained him to use moves such as the Spirit Cuffs and the Spirit Shotgun. Typically, he will use his physical strength first as opposed to his spiritual strength, usually resorting to physical violence.

Pu: Also known as Pusuke, this elegant swan/phoenix-like creature is Yusuke's spiritual beast. Born from an egg that Yusuke nursed with his behaviour as a ghost, Yusuke was initially very embarrassed by the then-penguin-like creature that erupted from the egg, until he matured later on. This creature is entirely reliant on Yusuke's physical and spiritual health, feeling his pain, and feeling his emotions. As such, if Yusuke were to die, so would Pu. He mimics Yusuke in behaviour and in personality, though in contrast to Yusuke's brave and bad boy front, Pu is very sweet. He is able to sense Yusuke no matter where he is.


FAMILY: Toshin Raizen (ancestral), Atsuko Urameshi (mother), Unnamed Father
CLOSE RELATIONS: Keiko Yukimura (Love Interest/Fiance), Kurama, Hiei, Kazuma Kuwabara, Genkai (Team Urameshi); Botan, Yukina (Team Urameshi Cheerleaders); Koenma (Diaper Baby Death God)

Once upon a time, there was a teenager who got pregnant and then ditched by the guy that made her pregnant, and so she had to raise her son all by herself. Except, she didn't really raise him, running around at night and continuing to party while her son terrorized the streets and yelled at teachers. That son, was Yusuke Urameshi. And Yusuke Urameshi was a bad kid. On the worst day of Yusuke's life, he had a fight with a teacher and decided to cut school for the rest of the day. After a fight with his mom and a fight with Kuwabara, he ran into a little kid who was playing with a ball next to the street. So, he played with him and told him to run off to the park. No need getting a kid run over.

Then the kid ran out into traffic after his ball and nearly got run over by a car. Yusuke ran out in traffic, pushed the kid out of the way, and proceeded to watch as he was suddenly watching his own body get loaded onto a medical vehicle. That was when he met Botan, a spiritual guide to the underworld who traveled around on an oar. He got to witness his own wake, where he saw the devastation of Keiko, Kuwabara, his teacher, and his mother... and the little boy that wished to play with him again.

Due to the strangeness of the situation of his death, Yusuke got a rare opportunity from Koenma to have a second chance of life so long as he behaved well and nursed some lame egg. Long story short (and many misadventures with ghosts later), Yusuke passed after a mess with fire, a situation with Keiko, and a bunch of other things that Yusuke didn't really care to properly remember. He was back to life after getting a kiss from Keiko, and that was all that mattered - he could terrorize the city again!


Turns out getting back to life came with a price. Now, Yusuke was a Spirit Detective and had to solve petty, pointless mysteries that Botan gave to him. Who's idea was that anyway? Oh, right, Koenma, who then proceeded to lose a bunch of measly artifacts that belonged to his father, King Enma. Way to go, Koenma. So, tasked with the job of saving Koenma's ass and recovering the items, Yusuke got to work.

This job was what introduced him to Kurama and Hiei, who then went on to assist Yusuke, paired up with Kuwabara, in the next major task after saving Genkai's tournament and becoming her pupil (also assisted by Kuwabara). At this point, Yusuke was exceptionally skilled in fighting and using his new spiritual powers (if he could be a little bit egotistic). Working together, the new Team Urameshi basically devoured the entire tower they had to conquer and stopped the bad guy who was controlling demon bugs to possess the people of Japan. Yusuke didn't even bother to continue on with his life remembering the guy's name.

Oh yeah, and then Yusuke and Kuwabara had to go save Hiei's sister, and Kuwabara fell in love with her and it was really awkward because he didn't know who she was exactly.

Eventually things got interesting. A guy named Toguro was their next target in the Demon Tournament, where Team Urameshi, with the added effect of the Masked Fighter, a mysterious masked person that turned out to be Genkai in disguise, went and beat everyone up. Anyways, so the tournament brought along Pu, Yusuke's spirit beast, and the added addition of Genkai sacrificing herself to give Yusuke the remainder of her power, giving him enough that he could become strong enough to destroy Toguro. And, to top it off, they got a wish as a prize of winning the tournament, and their wish was to get Genkai back.

All was fine and Yusuke could get back to terrorizing his home town. Or so he thought. Because goddammit Koenma had yet another goddamn task for Yusuke to deal with. As if dealing with stupid delinquents that were going around hitting on girls with boyfriends, or getting kidnapped by Genkai's new students with psychic powers wasn't bad enough. Go figure. Anyways, so they had to deal with even bigger things and Yusuke wasn't impressed in the least. But then again when is he really.

So, Team Urameshi was at it again.

A team of psychics were forming a tunnel to the Demon World which was apparently a very bad idea. Koenma made it Team Urameshi's job to deal with the entire problem, and they had three weeks to deal with it. On top of that, the head of the entire operation was a crazy-ass former Spirit Detective named Sensui with multiple split personalities. So, it was fun dealing with him, that was for sure. Not to mention as it turned out, Yusuke was part demon. Who knew.

Anyway, so after that mess, Yusuke got fired from being a Spirit Detective because some bloke decided now that he was too dangerous. Then Raizen decided he wanted to have a chat with Yusuke in the Demon World, so before he left, Yusuke decided to personally say goodbye to Keiko and proposed to her, promising to make his return in three years. He went off to the Demon World, trained for a year, and was told to rule over Raizen's territory. Calling bullshit, Yusuke decided to host a tournament to decide who would rule. He kicked some major ass up until Yomi happened, who then got his ass handed to him by Raizen's friend, Enki, who became the new Demon World King. Yusuke watched as a new era dawned on the Demon World, where doing evil and mischief in the Human World was now forbidden.

Yusuke returned to the Human World, and met up with Kieko. All was good! And then some bitch decided to mess with Yusuke...




Yusuke woke with a start.

At first, there was mild confusion. All he saw was blue. And, the blue made him think of Kuwabara and his ugly mug in the ugly school uniform of the ugly high school they both happened to go to. That made him mad. Then, he began to think of Keiko and how blue was her favourite colour. That made him slightly less mad. And then he was slightly more mad again when he openly wondered how he was staring at the sky when he was pretty sure he fell asleep inside.

With that thought, Yusuke jolted up and looked around. He had been laying in the middle of a goddamn street, with cars stopped staring at him and onlookers looking stunned and worried. He was on his feet now, and looking around with an angry expression before demanding out into the crowd:

"Oh don't any of you fucking tell me I got hit by a car fucking again?! Was I dead?! Where the hell's Koenma?!"

Somewhere, someone muttered, "Oh god, another new one..."

Yusuke's temper raised as Pu, who had been snoozing under a tree nearby, approached. Good to know at least one of his teammates was around. "Will someone tell me what the hell is going on?!"

Someone bravely approached despite looking ten seconds away from crapping himself, and explained the situation. Some people would say that most of it would go right over Yusuke's head with a whistling sound, but no, he got it. And he didn't like it at all. In the least.

Yusuke saw blue again as he looked up at the sky. "What the fucking hell is this crap?!?!!"

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