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 Day Four, Third Place Match, Armstrong & Lord Death
Jessica !
 Posted: Mar 7 2017, 03:25 PM

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Jessica !
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Alex Louis Armstrong

Despite the fact he had not moved on in the tournament, Major Alex Louis Armstrong made his way to one of the areas set up for a Struggle match. It was the last day of the tournament and he was still in the running to make third place. In all honesty, he did not mind if he was stuck in fourth place. Considering how many competitors there had originally been, he thought fourth was a grand achievement! Of course, his sister would never think that way, but, as far as he knew, she was not here. He would just avoid Briggs for a while, just to be safe.

He had been told his opponent was someone named Lord Death who was in charge of that strange school in Santa Destroy. He had not met or even seen Lord Death before but he had been told this person wasn't exactly human.

"No matter," he huffed out loud into his mustache as he climbed the stairs. "He will taste the might of the ARMSTRONG FAMILY all the same!" His opponent was not here yet, so he had to play the waiting game again.

Lord Death

Time for the match to decide who came in third. Lord Death was a bit surprised at the finally result his last match, it was so close. Roxas was no mere human that was for sure. But a lose was a lose and now he had to compete for third place. Well at least he can give everyone a good show.

At least this one shouldn't be as popular as the last. Lord Death and this Armstrong guy are just competing for third, so the majority of the spectators would most likely be at the finals.

Lord Death arrived just as a large man made his declaration. "My that is quite the claim, Major correct?" Lord Death called out to him as he came in from behind Armstrong.

He was certainly the biggest man he's seen around and had to fight so far. This might prove to be a very interesting fight, considering the size of this man's soul resonance.

Alex Louis Armstrong

Armstrong was slightly startled to hear the voice come from behind him but he didn't openly show it. Instead, he turned and flexed his massive arms, which (somehow) caused his jacket to fly off and into the audience. The crew must have been expecting it, seeing as he had tossed his jacket aside for his previous three matches, as one caught the jacket and placed it onto a vacant chair so the Major could retrieve it later.

"Aha! You must be my opponent!" Armstrong announced as an official offered him his Struggle match, which he took with a salute. The man nervously saluted him back before offering another bat to the other challenge. "Lord Death is what I'm told you're called! A striking name, that is for sure! And a teacher! MARVELOUS! TEACHING YOUNG MINDS IS A GRAND QUEST IN LIFE!"

The last few statements came out as a bellow as the Major pointed off, seemingly to nothing, to demonstrate his feelings in regardless to what he had heard about his opponent. "I wish for us to have a wonderful match!"

Lord Death

Major Armstrong was a bit surprised by the display of masculinity. Black Star can take lessons from this guy, he was over the top as well. "Yes, it can be quite rewarding." He took a hammer from the offical, his large hand still only allowing his finger and thumb to hold it.

Lord Death moved opposite of Armstrong as he waited for the final match to begin. "We shall make it a grand match indeed." Testing the weight of the hammer and holding it like a rapier. He knew this was just for show, a way to entertain everyone who couldn't fit in the area for the final match, but he was going to entertain them nonetheless.

He did see that his students come to support him, that was grand. He won't disappoint them with this match, maybe make it a learning experience.

Alex Louis Armstrong

Armstrong moved to the opposite side of the platform, swinging the struggle bat in small, quick arcs, testing it out. He had used one several times before by now, but it was better to make sure he still had the weight and feel of it down. He wouldn't put it past the officials to change it up just to make an interesting show for the people who had come to watch.

The Major remained in that spot until he heard the bell go off, signifying the match had officially started. They had waited a while to let it go, probably to build suspense for the audience. That was fine by him. He could appreciate the art. But now, was the time for combat.

With his struggle bat, swinging ahead of him, Armstrong lunged at Lord Death.

Lord Death

So this man was unafraid to face him? Quite a bold move to go first but alas, Lord Death was always happy to see the boldness of man.

Armstrong came in with a lunge and bat swinging, from the way he was holding it Death could tell he was educated in armed combat. There was just a slight break in his form that made it clear to the weapon master that Armstrong was more of a hand to hand man.

Now what was he doing? Oh yes, the match had started and he was observing Armstrong's form. Unless he wanted to give up on a lead in the match, it would probably prove to his advantage to counter this lunge.

With a parry, Lord Death moved Armstrong's bat and lead the man to the other side of him in a classic fencing maneuver.

"Nice lunge, but you should keep your elbow straighter next time." A quick lesson as Lord Death held his ground against the Major. The students in the audience cheered and laughed at the their teacher's antics.

Alex Louis Armstrong

Armstrong's lunge had missed but that was alright. He recovered quickly, dodging away to the side in case Lord Death had tried to take a hit at him. He briefly resisted the urge to try and punch at his opponent and use alchemy. It was a habit that was ingrained in his very being and he had to remember that this was a contest and not the place for that. And getting disqualified would not have been in his favour.

"I'll keep that in mind," he said through his mustache at Lord Death's comment. He, for one, was not offended someone had tried to give him advice during a match. In fact, Armstrong welcomed it. It gave him something to use to his advantage, just in case he needed it later on.

It didn't look like a direct hit would be something that would work on Lord Death. The Major had gotten used to smaller opponents who were easier to swing at because they couldn't dodge him but Lord Death was fast. He would need to bind his time and analyze the situation. He moved to the far end of the platform, holding his bat in between them, and waited.

Lord Death

Armstrong was being wary and from the looks of it, he was going to play defense. It was most likely to observe Lord Death's battle prowess, which was a good idea. In fact, Lord Death would have done the same thing if this were an actual fight and not something for spectators. He was only here to entertain and by golly he was going to deliver.

Using his Shinigami jets, Lord Death's cloak fired off and shoot him at Armstrong like a rocket. He decided to shift to a more cutlass like style and use a few slashes to test Armstrong's ability to dodge.

Can the large man move as agile as a cat? Maybe he could, Death would not be surprised if he could. He was a Major and that meant battle experience. The only difference between the two was that Death had been on earth for far longer.

Alex Louis Armstrong

Armstrong remained motionlessly, holding his stance as perfectly as a statue, though, if one looked closely they would have been able to see the occasional sparkle glint off of him. He could not control those. Those were natural and one of the many gifts he possessed for being a scion of the legendary Armstrong family.

When Lord Death shot his way, Armstrong's eyes widened in surprise. That was indeed unexpected! But the Major had dealt with much faster before. He lowered slightly before springing to the side, forming a perfect flip in the air and crossing more distance from the leap than one would have thought humanly possible. He hit the ground on both feet, sliding to a stop.

"That was quite the speed, Lord Death!" Armstrong announced. The audience 'ooh'ed appropriately in response. Now would have been the time to counterattack normally, but this was someone with more experience than himself. Would Lord Death try it again? Or not? Armstrong kept to that one spot to observe a bit more. Was he was more aware of Lord Death's skill, perhaps then he would launch into an offensive.

Lord Death

"You should see my top speed." Death retorted as he prepared to attack once again. He was a bit surprised at the nimble antics of Armstrong, it was quite the show to see a man that large move like a cat.

How should he go at it this time? Should he continue with the swashbuckling style of the cutlass or change it up to further throw Armstrong off guard. Yes, that would do just nicely.

Once again he fired off the burners if his shinigami jets and shot forward. At first it looked like he was going to attempted the same attack, however he suddenly stopped midway but not all of him did so. His arm kept going, stretching like a piece of taffy and moved like a serpent.

Death used another trick of his strange body in an attempt to test Armstrong. His arm came from below and attempted an upward slash on the major. once that attack was done, Death move toward where his arm kept trying to attack Armstrong with a barrage of slashes. "I hope you can maintain that agility with this many attacks happening."

The crowd cheer in the background, enjoying the show that they've come to expect from the contestants. Armstrong noble and combative prowess won over many of the crowd and Lord Death's antics kept them entertained. It shall certainly be one to remember despite not being the championship match.

Alex Louis Armstrong

Lord Death was still full of surprises it would seem! But he was facing off against an Armstrong so there was only so far surprises were going to take him! Armstrong held his ground as the next attack came towards him. The strange movements of how the shinigami's arm came forward without the rest of him reminded him eerily of the homunculi during the second war in Amestris. But that also meant one thing - Armstrong had experience against such opponents. It wasn't quite the same but he had an idea of how to prepare for it.

He allowed the first strike to hit him, causing orbs to fall down. He ignored them as Lord Death's body came forward with the rest, parry each strike that he could. A couple more got through but he ignored them too. With each parry, he stepped forward, getting closer to his opponent.

His reach was long so once he knew he had closed the space between them sufficiently, he swung towards Lord Death, ducking around any incoming swings. He knew it would have been hard to land any sort of hit on Lord Death so he had to sacrifice some of his orbs to do so, especially if his opponent had such a long reach like that. There would have been no way to accomplish his goal otherwise.

Hopefully, it would work.

Lord Death

Yes, it was working for the time being and Death was collecting orbs. The only issue was that Armstrong was a man of combat and this tactic would not last for long. He kept it up though, gaining as many orbs as he could despite Armstrong making his way toward him with each strike.

Then he was too close to hit and Lord Death got hit himself. Orbs fell to the ground but Death's body was the real thing to watch. His body just morph and folded with the hit, making it seem nothing was underneath. It was quite the thing to see for those who have yet to witness Death's fights.

"Quite the hit, you certainly are above the rest as a human." He moved back, away from Armstrong to get his strategy in mind. Close quarters, Armstrong was powerful. His soul was certainly worth well over a hundred normal souls. His family must be proud of his abilities and his character.

Turning the bat upside down and holding at his side by his other hand. He looked like a samurai warrior and waited. He let the noise fade away and he focused on a single noise....the beating of Armstrong's heart was all he needed.

Alex Louis Armstrong

Armstrong had managed to get a good, well-placed hit in and swiped at his orbs, making sure he didn't miss collecting a single one of them. He needed as many orbs as he could gather if he hoped to win this match. And he really wanted to win. The honour it would bring upon the Armstrong family could not be passed up. Of course, it wouldn't be as grand as his achievement of becoming a state alchemist but it would still be a honour for his prestigious family.

Lord Death's body had reacted...strangely to his hit but Armstrong refused to let that faze him. It still reminded him of the homunculi he had dealt with before, but it was still somewhat differently. He wondered what exactly Lord Death was and how the other people in his world looked like. He knew some of the lord's students were in the audience; they didn't have such a strange appearance.

His opponent had backed off this time, giving Armstrong the moment to recoup. He didn't want to delay the match for long - they had to put on a show, didn't they? - so he lunged forward again, swinging his bat with enough force to cause the air around it to whistle.

Lord Death

The quiet was all he needed, it was quite peaceful really. Just the beating of Armstrong's strong heart was all he needed. It had an unique rhythm to it, one that song of past conflicts and steady presserverance.

Then it was time to act. The footsteps leaving the ground, the faint movement in the air, and the whistle of a coming strike. This was all he needed to step to the side while move toward Alex. The bat missed his head and Death took this opportunity to slash at Armstrong's midsection.

If it had been an actual katana, the wound would have won the match, but this was foam. The hit was hard and he scrapped the bat across the waist as he moved to behind Armstrong. He brought his bat up for another strike, this time to the back. Both strikes were hard, but Lord Death knew the man can take it.

After his two hits, Lord Death move to face Armstrong again. It will prove to be a wonder match for the audience.

Alex Louis Armstrong

Argh, so the Major's hit had missed its mark. Armstrong didn't take that too roughly, seeing as they were in a friendly tournament and not a fight to the death. He would have been in major trouble (no pun intended) otherwise, and he knew it the second his bat whizzed past Lord Death without even clipping him.

He found something hit his bare skin on his abdomen, causing his eyes to go wide. He had not been expecting that at all and the surprise was a little too much. It hurt quite a lot and he knew that could have been a potentially fatal wound if they had been in an actual match.

He didn't let the pain bother him. He needed to push through and continue.

Armstrong spun without breaking the small distance between them, swinging at Lord Death as hard as he could.

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