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 Princess Sarah, Final Fantasy
Princess Sarah
 Posted: Mar 3 2018, 02:45 PM


Princess Sarah
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Princess Sarah2612/14
HumanFemaleFinal Fantasy

HAIR: Pink
EYES: Blue
HEIGHT: 5’5”
SPECIAL TRAITS: The princess has long pink hair, most of which is bound into two golden hairpieces. She wears a long, flowing gold colored dress, and is always adorned with the finest jewelry.


STRENGTHS: Sarah is a sweet person, never letting her friends feel lonely or sad if she can help it. She is patient and a good listener, but can also be rather protective of those she's close to or cares a lot for. Once she puts her mind to something, she’ll see it through to the end, even if it doesn't turn out the way she hoped it would. She is very intelligent and insightful, but she more often uses this to give advice to her friends.
WEAKNESSES: Living in a castle for her entire life means that she knows little more than what she’s told or has read about the outside world, resulting in an idealistic view of most things pertaining to life beyond the castle walls. Except for storms. She’s scared of thunder. Sarah also tends to trust the people around her far too much.
PERSONALITY OVERVIEW: Even the nicest of people have their days, and Sarah is no exception. The princess has a tendency of worrying over her companions, and getting pouty when they don’t listen to her, however most of the time she's content to nurse them back to health, and even hates to be separated from them when they have to leave for one reason or another. As a songstress, she loves to sing when she can find the time, and up until recently her lute had never been far from her side.
Sarah is particularly fond of the Warrior of Light, viewing him as a particularly good friend, and looking up to the four Heroes of light as a whole. She only wishes she could help others as they do, so in a way she looks up to them, and has the utmost faith in their abilities.


Paeon - The princess sings a song of healing that hastens recovery.
Pray - The princess prays for her friends’ safety and if answered, the group’s health is restored.
Cheer - The princess cheers for her allies and raises their strength
Sinewy Étude - The princess sings a song that encourages her allies and increases their strength.
Holy Rampart - The princess’s wish to protect her friends becomes so great that she is able to increase their morale and thus their ability to fight back.


FAMILY:The King, Queen Jayne, and her younger sister.
CLOSE RELATIONS: The Heroes of Light, Garland

Born into the lap of luxury, Sarah was taught from a very young age that she would be the one ruling Cornelia when her father stepped down. Thus she was taught many things such as manners and diplomacy very early on. Her childhood was filled with teachers coming and going from the castle, though she always dreamed of being able to leave the castle. This dream stuck with her into her teenage years, where she took up learning to play the lute that was passed to the princesses of the realm and other such ‘frivolous’ pursuits such as magic.

As she grew older, she became ever more adventurous, taking to sneaking out of the castle in disguise so she could get to know her subjects, though she could never truly fit in for some reason. She found that though she loved visiting her people, she never left for very long, and her father had started simply heightening the security whenever he found that she’d snuck off as opposed to outright panicking as he had before.

Things changed when her younger sister was born. The guard then had to be split four ways instead of three, and some reassigning took place, in which she was assigned a new personal guard on account of her wandering tendencies. The young man’s name was Garland, and was the best swordsman in their employ.

Over the years, Sarah became rather close to Garland, thinking of him as more of a protective brother rather than a guard. It wasn’t until she was 25 that she was made aware that Garland’s affections for her were not that of the sibling variety, and when he informed her of his romantic feelings, she attempted to reject them gently so that their friendship could remain in tact.

Sarah hadn’t been expecting for him to throw a tantrum over it, much less kidnap her.

All she was aware of was a sharp pain at the back of her head before she fainted. When she awoke it was in the far off Chaos Shrine. The four Heroes of Light were around her, looking worried, and Garland lay dead on the floor several feet away. She knew in an instant that she had been unconscious for a long time.

She felt grief over the loss of her brother, but knew that he’d gotten only what he deserved for kidnapping her. Garland had been in such a state, she doubted he would have seen reason even if they tried to talk him down.

The Warrior of Light had insisted upon carrying her all the way back, even after she had told him several times that she was fine. In fact he had shown such concern over her, that she began to grow rather fond of him as well. To repay him specifically, she entrusted him with her lute and taught him to play in hopes that it may help him later.

The four returned several times along their journey, and each time Sarah insisted upon personally tending to, or helping to tend to each of them, and in turn they told of where their quest had taken them. Yet still she had to stay at the castle. Her father would never allow her to accompany them. Still, despite that, she asked if they would stay in Cornelia once they had completed their quest to bring light to the Crystals. However once the time loop had severed and Garland returned to them, it came to her attention that the Warrior had gone missing, and sent parties of soldiers out to find him.

While all these search parties were in vain, she would soon be following him thanks to a certain goddess.




Princess Sarah sat heavily on her bed after a long day of fretting over the Heroes of Light. With Argus missing, the other three seemed in absolute disarray. The pink haired princess gazed out her window at the stars above, twinkling away without a care. Worry lined her fair face, eyes resting on the brightest star she could see, “Where could he have gone?” she wondered aloud. Sarah knew that question had to be on everyone’s mind. One day he was here, the next he was gone without a trace.

Sarah shook her head and cleared the troubling thoughts from her mind. The Warrior was no pushover, he was likely fine, and she had to keep faith in him that he would return. Fear still pervaded her thoughts, but she tried to keep optimistic otherwise she wouldn’t be able to sleep that night. Taking off her crown, headscarf and hair accessories off, she laid down, dreams plagued with thoughts of what fate could befall her friend out there alone.

When she awoke, it was to the scent of flowers and the feel of sun against her face. Blinking away the traces of exhaustion her vision cleared to reveal she had ended up in a rather large forest. If it weren’t for the large, circular castle a little ways from her resting place, she would think that she was still home. Unfortunately she had never seen such a castle anywhere near Cornelia. Regardless of how, she was certainly far from home, and the logical next step for her was to find out where she was. That meant paying the castle a visit.

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