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 Crow, Fragile Dreams
 Posted: Jul 19 2017, 04:52 AM

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Robotic Doll

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Crow 15 by appearance 12/21
Robotic Doll Male Fragile Dreams

HAIR: Black
EYES: Green
SPECIAL TRAITS: Crow has an intriguing style. He enjoys reds, yellows and purples primarily and that shows in his outfit. He has, in addition to his strange clothes, an assortment of shiny things he's collected and incorporated into his outfit such as medals and a tea kettle. That's merely scratching the surface. If one were to really look at Crow, they would notice that his eyes resemble a cat’s and that his teeth are sharper than a normal human’s the canines coming down to a point.


STRENGTHS:Outwardly there are few hints to his true nature as a robotic doll, but he is abnormally resilient to things that would affect humans, such as falls from large heights. He has agility akin to his namesake and a penchant for mischief, meaning he is rather skilled at parkour.
WEAKNESSES:Curiosity killed the cat, they say, and Crow has no limit to his curiosity. His naivety and overall obliviousness are his greatest flaws seeing as most of the bravado he tends to have is faked. He'll believe just about anyone about anything.
PERSONALITY OVERVIEW: Crow at first glance is nothing but a bully. He generally will poke fun at people in ways that aren't quite funny, he has no sense of the word ‘personal space’ and seems to have next to no filter. Beyond that, he's just lonely. Existing for years with only the dead as company doesn't allow for much socialization, and as a result, his personality is based off books he reads. His favorite book, Pirate Isle, is the source of his overconfident demeanor and tendency to talk down to people at first. Since the book ends with the pirate making friends, he always takes an antagonistic approach when making friends.


Inhuman - Because Crow isn't human, he is much more durable and a considerable amount stronger than humans are. He generally uses this to his advantage in a fight.
Adaptable - Due to the nature of the world he was created in, Crow has proficiency wielding just about anything. He could use a stick, a golf club, or anything that might be nearby as effective weapons.
Agility - Fast and dextrose as many humans can only dream of, Crow uses his inhuman nature to jump large gaps, keep his balance on something that normally would not be feasible, or a multitude of things. He usually just shows off, however.


FAMILY: None that he is aware of. He believes the man in his personal photo is related to him.
CLOSE RELATIONS: Seto (Best friend!)

When a man and woman love each other very much.... Actually that's not at all how this story begins. Crow began as a sub branch of Glass Cage. In case the Catalyst didn't pan out as projected, steps were taken to ensure their progress wasn't completely lost. These ‘steps’ were robotic reproductions of a certain child originally planned to be a catalyst for Glass Cage. The idea was that should the initial test fail, their research would persist in the form of a robot capable of reading minds through empathy.

Unfortunately most attempts at this failed. Most couldn't handle the overload to their systems that came with empathy, let alone analyzing it to the point that they could garner information from it. Attempting to do so either completely short circuited the robot or caused a malfunction that made the robot unstable. Their first breakthrough was H0053348, who was able to understand and replicate emotions with startling accuracy. Though to their dismay, it was not able to fully communicate with them through empathy because they were not able to. They repeatedly tested H0053348, taking it out into larger and larger groups of people to observe how it responded.

Glass Cage’s main project finished its preparations shortly after H0053348 was created, and with the promise of being able to finalize their research, the scientists went to sleep happy. And never woke up. When H0053348 reactivated, it was only aware that it no longer knew where it was, nor what it's purpose was. Outside, the world was barren. No one was there, and it had no way of knowing that it was abnormal. Only rudimentary knowledge was left over. It left immediately, not seeing the point in staying, seeking information with the only clue it could find, a picture of itself and an old man. It reasoned that if it could find the place in the photo that it would figure something out about himself, so that became its primary goal.

The world was open to him, wiped of civilization and only slowly decaying remnants of what was persisting. He found himself scavenging through homes, reading books, notes, letters, files, anything he could get his hands on. Anything he found that wasn't useful he discarded, though it was through this method that he decided that he was in fact, a ‘he’. It was mainly picture books that kept his attention, the type meant for children. He learned from these about friendship, and that there are supposed to be more humans out there. Apart from his information search, he quickly discovered things about himself, such as his fascination with shiny objects and his various abilities. He believed himself to be human. He didn't know any better.

One day, he discovered a crow outside, the black feathers reminded him of the shade of his hair, and it was picking at something shiny on the ground. It had been the first creature he'd seen up close that wasn't a ghost, and so he felt a kinship. “I'm just like that crow,” he thought, “We're both alone.” from that point on, he was Crow.

Crow began to collect little trinkets, medals, anything shiny, as well as crow feathers after deciding his name and quickly ditched his hospital gown for various pieces of clothing he scavenged from other people who had long since passed away, but no matter how he searched, he couldn't seem to find any clues about who he was before.

Disappointed, he began to head back to an area he was more familiar with, and decided to spend a night at Lunar Hill Fun Land. It had become something of his home while he traveled. A lot of birds lived there, so he found crows there often. Plus there were many shiny items littered about, so it was always enjoyable.

While at the park, he reread a book, this one called Pirate Isle, his favorite thus far. He was absolutely taken by the concept of making friends with a human, so when he saw a human come into the park one night, he jumped at the chance to make friends with him. To ensure he did, he reenacted the events of Pirate Isle. A quick assessment of the boy, who appeared his age, left him with an understanding that the locket he wore was important to him. What better way to make him stay than to take it?

Crow proceeded to have the boy, named Seto, attempt to catch him, even going so far as to trick him into falling down below the park and having him face another Tracker. During this, Crow actually opened the locket, calling the contents junk in order to goad Seto into pursuing him. When Seto chased Crow to the top of the ferris wheel, Crow ended up falling all the way from the top to the Merry-Go-Round below. The fall jarred his circuits, but he was otherwise unphased. He underwent a precautionary overview of his programs to ensure that nothing had been disconnected. When he finished the scan, he could hear Seto crying over him. After that Crow gave up and finally gave back the locket.

The two laughed off the previous events and Crow settled down to show Seto his personal photo. The two talked about what they planned to do, with Seto pursuing the silver haired girl, and Crow still looking for the place in the photo. As much as they didn't want to leave, their goals didn't exactly align, and so Crow gave Seto a minor lead. Seto then asked if he'd ever see Crow again, and though Crow assured him that they would, he added that friends give each other presents and gave him a silver ring with a skull on it to put in his locket. When Seto went to thank him for the ring, Crow cut him off by kissing him. One of the longer books he read had included friends that fell in love, so he had gotten the wrong idea. Still, with the kiss Crow amended that they must be best friends now, since it was Seto’s first kiss, and they parted ways.

Now on his own once more, he felt the loneliness more acutely than ever, but he could feel that his destination was close, and so he followed the feeling until he came to a large decrepit dam. As he searched through it, he found many papers detailing the project’s ‘back up plan’, and along with them, the many, many failed prototypes. His systems began to stutter as he looked, his battery giving an alert that it was almost drained. He always had a feeling that he wasn't the same as the humans in the books. That he wasn't the same as Seto, but the revelation that he wasn't a human struck him to the core. Instead of searching for a way to charge his draining battery, he simply accepted his fate, finding his place among the others like him. He hoped, faintly, that if he sat and waited, he might last long enough for Seto to catch up and say good bye.

He began to reroute power as he waited, to conserve it, even drifting into sleep mode, but it paid off in the end. Seto came into the room, and the boy began to cry over him for a second time. Despite Crow’s protests that they can't be friends due to him not being human, Seto refused to accept that. And so with a final ‘Thank you, Seto.’ Crow passed away in the arms of his best friend.




Lines of script in the blackness whisked by without him so much as opening his eyes. Crow knew what this was, and what it meant but wasn't quite aware of what was going on just yet. Rebooting from complete zero was never fun. Audio came back online first, he could hear birds, so he had to have been outside. Maybe Lunar Hill Fun Land was close? He couldn't remember exactly everything that had gone on just yet, but he knew that he left the park.

Visuals came next, but the light beyond his eyelids implied it was bright, so he elected not to open his eyes just yet until he could move. Tactile feedback was next, and he confirmed the not-so-mystery that he was outside. Grass was almost always a characteristic unique to the outdoors, but then, when was he not outside? His other senses filled in as the code that made up his internal systems rebooted, his battery seemingly replaced. Maybe his best friend had…? Waaait a minute. Crow backpedaled his thoughts, trying to order them some way that made sense to him. He tried to access his memory of before he shut down but all that he remembered was that Seto had been there and that he had been rerouting power like crazy.

Finally regaining mobility, Crow sat up, shielding his eyes as he did so. Looking around, he only drew a blank. This was totally not near Lunar Hill Fun Land, and that was totally not fun. With a lurch, Crow somersaulted, jumped, and landed on his feet. While new places to explore were great, right now he just wanted to find Seto. Where could he be, though? It was time for a game of hide and seek, it seemed, and he was it!

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